According to reports in the occupiers’ “official registers”, the criminal “administration” of the Russian invaders plans to place the so-called “Training Center for Genomic Research in the Field of Biological Security” in Sevastopol.

In particular, for this, the invaders plan to “master” 22 million rubles for the so-called “reconstruction” of two non-residential buildings located on Kalicha Street, including the historic “Wrangel’s mansion”, in order to place this “center” on their territory in the future.

It is worth noting in particular that the aggressor, having obligations to prevent the development, storage and use of bacteriological weapons and their components, is in fact actively carrying out relevant activities under the guise of “genomic research”.

This is happening within the framework of the so-called federal scientific and technical program for the development of genetic technologies for 2019-2027 and the work of the Moscow-located “World-Class Genetic Research Center for Biological Safety and Technological Independence”, established in 2020.
In particular, the aggressor does not hide the fact that the activity of this center directly concerns “genetically modified strains of pathogens” of infectious diseases, “resistance of infectious agents” and so on.

To “cover up” the illegal work of this center in the information and legal dimension, in the same 2020, the occupiers also created the “Center for Law and Bioethics in the Field of Genomic Research and the Application of Genetic Technologies”.