Since the full-scale Russian invasion started, there has not been a single case when the self-proclaimed “authority” of the Crimea has not praised the actions of the Kremlin, even if they consist of serious war crimes. Traitors have always pursued two main goals. Firstly, it is to prove to the leadership of Russia its supposedly “boundless devotion and readiness to carry out any instructions”.

However, there has always been a second goal, which is the personal benefit for the Crimean collaborators, which they expect to receive from the war with Ukraine. This is what happens with occupied Kherson, Melitopol, Berdyansk, the criminal seizure of which “allowed” the self-proclaimed “authority” of the peninsula to solve a number of “important issues”: filling the market with stolen grain, exporting agricultural equipment “squeezed” from Ukrainian farmers, and so on. At the same time, the cynicism of the Crimean collaborators turned out to be much more ambitious than we imagined.
In June-July of this year, they began to show an active interest in Mariupol, captured by Russia, which turned into a collective pain for the whole of Ukraine. Obviously, such attention is not accidental and is due to the above goals: to please Russia and get their own benefit from the grief and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people.

The experts of the Association of Reintegration of Crimea studied this issue in detail.
Since the beginning of the war, experts have noted that the activity of the enemy in the Mariupol direction is due to several goals. First, the Kremlin needed to show the Russians at least some kind of victory against the backdrop of the failure of the so-called “special operation”. Mariupol was suitable for this role, because it was a developed modern city, in which after 2014 a lot of money was invested.
Secondly, for the aggressor, Mariupol is a “sea gate” that “allows you to connect” the Donetsk terrorists with the ports of the occupied Crimea. Also, this city allows the occupiers to organize a criminal “overland communication” of Russia with the captured Crimea [1].

Such plans “greatly interested” the Crimean collaborators, who saw the prospect of enrichment and “expanding their spheres of influence”. There were even criminal statements about the fake “annexation” of the newly occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions to the Crimea. The Russian invaders have already promised “the movement of passenger ships” from Mariupol to the occupied Crimea and Novorossiysk, allegedly “from 2023” [2]. Such promises should not be believed, since there is a current example of the Crimea, which the Kremlin has turned into a purely military base, destroying the ecosystem of the Black Sea coast.

By the way, the interest of the Crimean collaborators may also be due to the fact that in the port of the captured Mariupol there were a number of merchant ships under a foreign flag, blocked by the Russians [3]. The activation of the Crimean traitors around Mariupol began in mid-July 2022, when the self-proclaimed “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov arrived in the city on a criminal “visit”.

Aksyonov “had a meeting” with another criminal puppet of the Kremlin – Denis Pushilin, and made several statements “about cooperation”. It is possible to more or less designate the sphere of interests of Aksyonov and his group in the captured Mariupol: this is illegal enrichment during the war. Such assumptions are confirmed by the statements of Pushilin, who, in the aggressor-controlled “media”, urged “not to forget about the economic component”. Obviously, the traitors are not at all embarrassed by the fate of people, the humanitarian crisis, but they only think about personal enrichment and following the instructions of the Kremlin.

During his visit to the captured Mariupol, Aksyonov made several “political” statements, in particular, he criminally called for the execution of Ukrainian prisoners. Such criminal statements are no longer surprising, since the Kremlin is forcing its accomplices to convey those narratives that are beneficial to the political regime of the aggressor. Such statements are the business of criminal tribunals, which, after the de-occupation of the Crimea, will certainly give a legal assessment of the actions of collaborators. And in the context of determining the practical criminal goal of the Crimean collaborators in Mariupol, certain occupiers’ calculations seem interesting.

The self-proclaimed authorities of Crimea have already started earning bonuses, saying they will send Crimean doctors to Mariupol. Based on the statements of the fake Crimean “Minister of health” Konstantin Skorupsky, a group of 30 doctors has already been sent to Mariupol. One detail should be noted here. After the dispatch of the aggressor, statements began to appear in the propaganda about “the exploits of the Crimean doctors” in Mariupol, who “performed complex operations for the Russian military almost in the field.”

However, “for some reason” such statements were disseminated not by Skorupsky’s “medical” structure, but by the so-called “ministry of information and communications of republic of Crimea” [4]. In fact, it turned out to be a “blood PR”, because the Crimean collaborators, with the help of the “fakes’ ministry”, spread Kremlin propaganda. And this is in conditions when the Crimean residents themselves constantly complain about the lack of doctors and the poor quality of medical services. In such conditions, sending existing medical personnel in order to create the picture the Kremlin needs is simply a crime against the health of the population of the occupied peninsula.

According to the Crimean doctors, they were sent to Mariupol almost forcibly, “according to the order”. Nobody created any “human conditions” for their life, and therefore they had to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor under the shelling of the Russians themselves. Even on this, the Crimean collaborators staged a PR. So, insiders analyzed the information on the network and found out that in Mariupol, some representatives of the collaborators were actively posing in front of the aggressor’s propaganda cameras.
For example, Yegor Titov, who is indeed a doctor by profession, is at the same time a fake “deputy” from the United Russia party. This also applies to Sofia Arimova from Sevastopol. Subsequently, these “guest performers” were seen in the captured village of Mangush [5]. Surely these “local politicians” from the occupiers believe that such “political dividends” will allow them to significantly improve their financial situation in the future, having received an appropriate position among the Crimean collaborators. More cynical ways of earning money are also known, taking place under the “roof” of the Crimean collaborators.

In particular, a specific “ritual business” was established in Yalta. For 25 thousand rubles, the “emergency situations” unit of the invaders finds the body of the deceased at the address in Mariupol and brings it to the Crimea for burial [6]. However, such ways of earning are more likely for “lower-level” collaborators. The self-proclaimed “authorities” of the Crimea are accustomed to working with “large volumes”.

Recently, one of Crimea’s main collaborators, Konstantinov, said that Mariupol would be “rebuilt as a Chechen capital” – the city of Grozny, which was completely destroyed by the Russian army. Moreover, the occupied Crimea, according to Konstantinov, a long-term swindler in the field of capital construction, allegedly “will help in this process”.

The media also reported that the sons of the fake “mayor” of Mariupol from the invaders Konstantin Ivashchenko steal and sell humanitarian aid [7]. According to the Ukrainian authorities, most of the stolen humanitarian aid is being sold on the occupied peninsula, where the Ivashchenko family has strong ties among collaborators.

This is the reality of the “Russian world”, in which only those who think of themselves survive. By the way, recently there have been statements from Crimean collaborators that they will also help the terrorist “people’s republic” in Luhansk, where, due to Russian aggression, there is also a lot of destruction and a humanitarian crisis reigns. This testifies to the “far-sighted” criminal plans of the traitors, who probably already see themselves “at the helm” of all Ukrainian territories occupied by the Kremlin.

It should also be mentioned that the Crimean collaborators perform a number of criminal tasks related to discrediting the Ukrainian authorities in Mariupol. This is how the facts are known when the occupiers force “displaced persons from Mariupol”, who were taken to Crimea, to “testify” that allegedly “it was the Ukrainian military who destroyed the city”. Some invaders are trying to bribe, offering “500 thousand rubles in compensation for destroyed housing and 3 million for the deceased family member” [8]. As a result of such criminal indoctrination of citizens, the pro-Russian “media” receive propaganda stories and publications that are aimed at instilling hatred for Ukraine among Crimeans.

It is hard to imagine how some things are combined in the minds of the Crimean collaborators and their Russian curators. For example, recently the criminal “vice-speaker of Crimea” Yefim Fiks said that soon they would allegedly “deliver food and building materials by sea from the peninsula for the restoration of Mariupol”. And the “reconstruction works” themselves allegedly “will be carried out by the fighters of the military construction complex” of the aggressor’s ministry of defense.

It turns out that “to restore Mariupol”, and in fact turn it into a Russian military base, will be the Russian military, who destroyed it, and they will do this from building materials taken to the Crimea from hypermarkets in the Kherson region, which the Crimean collaborators then promise “bring by sea” to the captured Ukrainian port.

Moreover, the occupiers promise that “they will cope in a couple of years”. Although representatives of the Ukrainian authorities considered that the restoration of Mariupol destroyed by Russia would cost the Ukrainian budget 14 billion dollars and take at least 8-10 years. And these are only rough estimates, because without the lack of access to the occupied city, it is difficult to make accurate calculations. It appears that the occupiers are “planning to build” something in Mariupol with the same “quality” as they are fighting.

Since the beginning of the large-scale aggression, we have been observing how the Kremlin is methodically trying to involve the Crimean collaborators and the occupied peninsula as a whole in the confrontation. Why is this happening? Don’t the invaders have other personnel for such purposes? The answer to these questions is quite simple: Russia simply does not have enough collaborators among the citizens of Ukraine, such as those who have been “leading” the temporarily occupied peninsula for eight years now.

As a result, the Kremlin is unable to “set up the work” of the criminal “local authorities” in the newly occupied Ukrainian cities. For example, in the same Mariupol, due to the refusal of locals to work, the occupiers import power engineers from Russia. Also, the partisan movement is activated in the city [9]. Surely these trends have also affected the population of the occupied Crimea, as the Crimean residents are beginning to more actively express their anti-war sentiments, despite the fines and persecution of the occupiers by punishers.

A small number of collaborators demonstrates the invincibility of the Ukrainian people, and serves as an example for the Crimean traitors of the courage and unity of Ukrainians. However, despite this, Kremlin accomplices in the occupied Crimea continue to actively participate in the war against Ukraine. They really want Ukrainians to become traitors, and for this, Crimean collaborators are ready to spread outright fakes [10].

Unconquered Mariupol has already become part of the new Ukrainian history. The courage of the Ukrainian military, the mutual assistance of citizens, unity and invincibility will become an example for future generations of Ukrainians. Unfortunately, the betrayal and treachery of the few and well-known since 2014 Crimean collaborators who supported the occupiers will become part of this story.
However, this is a completely different story, which is mainly necessary in order to realize this experience and form a Ukrainian identity, in which there is no place for traitors and collaborators who are ready to sell their homeland for pennies.