On August 3, the Russian invaders announced the “voluntary resignation” of the fake “minister of agriculture of Crimea” Yuri Migal, who was “appointed to the position” on May 24 of this year.
Immediately after this illegal “appointment”, we wrote that under the conditions of the systemic crisis of Crimean agriculture, the role of Yuri Migal, who until 2014 worked in the Razdolnensky District in ordinary positions in agricultural enterprises and later began his “career growth” solely because of his ardent commitment to “Russian world”, will not be able to somehow “improve the situation”.

Our Association noted that his consistent statements “in support of Putin” in the chair of a pseudo “deputy” will in no way contribute to the appearance of affordable food in the baskets of Crimean residents in the context of the economic collapse in the occupied territories and the global food crisis looming as a result of large-scale Russian aggression.

However, among the factors that could contribute to Migal’s new role as a “scapegoat”, one can point to the failures of the criminal transfer of grain from the Crimea by sea, which have already led to the detention of the relevant ships, as well as the publication of “yield statistics” for 2022, which allowed experts to prove the inclusion of grain stolen by the Russian invaders in the occupied areas of Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions in the “Crimean harvest”.

In addition, the “Crimean ministry” completely failed the Kremlin’s propaganda task of “sending equipment from the peninsula to Kherson and Melitopol for harvesting,” made public in June in order to hide the complete looting of the harvester fleet in the mainland south by Russian invaders in the spring of 2022. After all, “dozens of Crimean harvesters” allegedly “arrived” in the new occupied territories exclusively in Russian propaganda messages.

It is noteworthy that the vice-premier minister of the aggressor Marat Khusnullin, after a criminal visit to Kherson on August 3, stated the evasion of local agricultural producers from “opening bank accounts” in the occupiers-controlled structures and about the occupiers’ “purchase” by the of crops for next to nothing, which actually happens under the muzzle of Russian machine guns. A “side effect” of such looting was a sharp “fall in purchase prices for grain” in the occupied Crimea, without any “compensation” from the aggressor, which we also reported about.

Under such conditions, not a single new fake “Crimean minister” will, of course, “fix” the situation with the agrarian sector of the occupied Crimea.