As the deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Ihor Zhovkva, announced on July 2, the second summit of the Crimean Platform, scheduled for August 23, will be held online. According to him, one more country joined the Crimean Platform in a year, now there are 48 member states of the Crimean Platform.

Currently, as Zhovkva reported, the Ukrainian side is actively working to ensure that as many countries as possible join the Crimean Platform, therefore, not only 48 member states, but also representatives of Asian, Latin American, and African countries will be invited to the summit on August 23. Zhovkva also informed that another summit of the Crimean Platform will be held in October, this time with the participation of parliament speakers.

As the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, pointed out on July 3, it is important not to interrupt the dynamics of the development of the Crimean Platform and hold the summit for two reasons. He pointed out that “we want to send a very clear signal: even if theoretically – this will not happen, but if theoretically – the enemy stands near Kyiv again, we will still plan the deoccupation of Crimea”.

It is very important to understand, added Kuleba: no matter what happens and no matter how difficult it is, we must always think strategically – the moment will come when we de-occupy our territories. And the Summit of the Crimean Platform is a signal of exactly that, there will be no such moment in history when we will be “not to Crimea”, “not to Lysychansk” or any other city that is currently temporarily occupied.

As the minister noted, the second reason why the summit is important right now is because in some capitals there is still an informal narrative that “Crimea is, of course, Ukraine, but you and Crimea are especially careful, because it is the exposed nerve of Russia”. Therefore, added Mr. Kuleba, “we want to confirm once again that Crimea is Ukraine, and we will say what we want and do what we want about it, this is a fundamental point”.