The aggressor’s propaganda reports that the Russian invaders organized a “meeting” between “representatives of the Moscow trading platform” “Food City” and “agrarians of the Kherson region”, which the occupiers held in Hola Pristan town, but even for the “photo report” they could not show a significant number of those “Kherson farmers” driven into the hall, by force.

In this situation, the aforementioned “Food City” site is noteworthy, which was allegedly “attracted” to the occupied Kherson Region by the criminal and fake “minister of agriculture”, former People’s Deputy of Ukraine Alexei Kovalev, whose business is concentrated precisely in Hola Pristan.

According to “official Russian sources”, “Food City” is “the first agricultural cluster in Moscow and the most powerful wholesale and retail food center in Russia”, located on the 22nd kilometer of the Kaluga highway, not far from the Moscow bypass road.

Among the announced “five thousand suppliers” for “Food City”, individual “Crimean companies” were also noted, such as the trade mark “Azbuka Kryma” occupiers-controlled, illegally bringing cheese and dairy products to that “agrocluster” near Moscow.

However, “officially” the “Food City” LLC company, registered in the Russia’s town of Pushkino, Moscow Region for a certain Tatyana Belikova, was “liquidated” at the beginning of 2021, allegedly due to “inconsistencies in the information provided.”

Another company that also has “official contacts” with the advertised “agrocluster” is “Prodpostavka” LLC, registered in Moscow on Mira Avenue with the nominal owner Zeynalov Rufat Agadadash Ogly.

However, the real manager of the “agrocluster” “Food City” is the powerful Russian development company “Kievskaya Ploshchad”, founded by Hod Nisanov and Zarakh Veliyev, which is the top owner of commercial real estate in Moscow and owns up to 4 million square meters of property, playing the role of a key employer of the aggressor’s capital.

It is characteristic that Nisanov and Veliyev, natives of Azerbaijan, who position themselves as “Russian businessmen” and actively participate in the public life of Mountain Jewish organizations, took a “patriotic position” during the Armenian-Azerbaijani war and tried to stop the admission of food products of Armenian origin to the “Food City” sites, but then quickly and publicly “changed their position”.

This example correlates with the fact that, despite the indisputable at least partial control of Nisanov and Veliyev over the activities and income of “Food City”, until 2018, Putin’s classmate and billionaire, Professor Ilgar Rahimov Mammadhasan Oglu was the shareholder of the these persons’ companies, who then transferred this share to Araz Mehdiyev as a partner in the legal business and at the same time as the husband of his daughter, Rahimova-Mehdiyeva Sabina Ilham Kizy.

It is worth recalling that “Putin’s friend” Ragimov was involved in a scam with the construction of a luxury hotel “Crimean Breeze” in the Crimean resort village of Parkove, which began back in 2003, when Ragimov’s company “Risko” LLC received from the Council of Ministers AR Crimea corresponding land plot during the premiership of Viktor Yanukovych.

Later, with the change of power in Ukraine, Rahimov, the builder of “Putin’s first Black Sea palace”, who instructed the performers “not to spare any tools and materials”, had “certain difficulties” due to Rahimov’s massive violations of environmental laws.

The project was completed only in 2011, again under Yanukovych, but after the purchase of the site through “Ozon” LLC by a subsidiary of “Gazprom”, but not as a “presidential dacha”, but as a luxury hotel.
It is interesting that the media of the aggressor wrote that the indicated beneficiaries of Food City were involved in the contract killing in 2013 in Istanbul of ‘thief in law’ Dzhaniev Rovshan Rafik Oglu “Lenkoransky”, and the temporary “exit” from Rahimov’s business in 2018-2020 was “ connected with the showdown system” of organized crime clans in Moscow and the Russian security forces, associated with them.

It is also reported that the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and the former head of the aggressor’s federal customs service Andrey Belyaninov can have a share in the business of the “Kievskaya Ploshchad” concern and, accordingly, “Food City”, while Belyaninov could represent the interests of the head of “Rostec” Sergey Chemezov, which was “useful” to other beneficiaries of “Food City”, even outside the “pressing issues” of smuggling the group’s products.

Thus, if the use of the Moscow “Food City” by the aggressor is confirmed to “pump out” Kherson farmers of their products for a pittance and their subsequent criminal transfer to Russia, Ukrainian law enforcement officers should thoroughly analyze the format of the interaction of the indicated Kherson collaborator Kovalyov with these “authoritative businessmen” from clips of Putin.

Of course, under such conditions, it is necessary to start preparing the imposition of sanctions by civilized countries, both for all the indicated beneficiaries of the “Kievskaya Ploshchad” concern, and for the companies of the corresponding business empire of Putin’s clients. At the moment, it is already known about the US sanctions imposed in June 2022 against Hod Nisanov related to his “connections with Russian officials”, to which the media also includes the head of Russian foreign intelligence, Sergei Naryshkin.