As of July 2022, a 70 % decline in the film distribution market in Russia was stated, which was due to the refusal of powerful global corporations to cooperate with the aggressor and provide the appropriate distribution certificates.

Under such conditions, the occupiers hoped to spread the “Crimean experience” of the so-called “gray” film distribution to Russia itself, but in practice it turned out that the rights holders of the tapes were extremely serious and would massively financially punish the aggressor’s business for copyright infringement.

Currently, Russian business has tried to apply a new “creative” scheme, according to which they wanted to offer a Western-made tape to viewers under the guise of “foreign video materials” as an “integral part” of a fake “film product”, which formally included an “additional Russian film”.

Under such conditions, as Russian directors of cinema chains such as Alexei Vasyasin stated, allegedly “there is no need for a rental certificate”, and the rights holders “will be paid off when they return to Russia.” However, something in this scam “went wrong” and the announced display of “foreign video materials” did not start.

It is noteworthy that although the aggressor-controlled business “does not worry” in the occupied Crimea, as it still happens in Russia itself, on the practice of renting film products in a purely pirated way, the industry is in a deep crisis in peninsula, in particular due to the extremely low attendance of cinemas by the population.

In such conditions, the current attempts by the relatives of the “authoritative Crimean” Lev Mirimsky, who died in 2017, to get rid of the assets of the “family business” in the form of the Shevchenko Cinema in Simferopol with five cinema halls, become characteristic.

The building of this cinema was constructed in 1915 and it was the first special cinema hall on the peninsula; it is included in the list of monuments of the cultural heritage of Ukraine; now the descendants of Mirimsky want to “get at least” 90 million rubles for a historic cinema in the Simferopol city center.