On August 1, the Russian occupiers’ propaganda spread information about the illegal visit to Crimea by Yaroslav Doubrava, who at the same time was “modestly” called “a public figure of the Czech Republic”. On the peninsula, Doubrava met with the fake “head of Crimea” Aksyonov and with the same fake “senator” Olga Kovitids, allegedly within the framework of “people’s diplomacy”.

In essence, Doubrava is a Czech senator whose term expires in October this year. But his “political activity”, which is completely controlled by the Russians, has become extremely toxic for the political forces of the Czech Republic in recent years, and therefore the 73-year-old former functionary of the communist regime, who “keeps in the party line” since 1967, is unlikely to run for new elections.

It is noteworthy that Doubrava received the current mandate not from the communists, who have not had a single seat in both houses of parliament in the Czech Republic in recent years, but from the populist regional party “Severočeši.cz” on an obviously “commercial basis”.

Apparently, the Kremlin curators of Doubrava really did not want to lose such a “valuable agent of influence” along with the “Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia”, which has halved over the past ten years, to the minimum in its history of 25,000 members.

Starting from 2014, Doubrava consistently performed the criminal role of a “people’s diplomat” in the Russia-occupied territories of Ukraine, he became a criminal “observer” of the fake “elections” in Luhansk in 2014 and visited the occupied Crimea three times until 2022, that become a subject of special reaction of Ukrainian embassy in Prague.

Even then, the Czech authorities stated that such actions of Senator Doubrava were his exclusively personal “position”, and the local media directly called Doubrava a “collaborator”. Senator Doubrava felt the legal consequences of his own actions at the end of February 2014, when the Czech police opened a criminal case against him for publicly supporting the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

However, the loudest scandal with Doubrava occurred on June 15, 2022 during a discussion of the speech of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in the Czech Parliament. Doubrava at that meeting began to spread disinformation from the rostrum, in which he questioned the Russian invaders’ crimes in Bucha. However, the reaction of the Czech parliamentarians to this demarche of the agent of the Russian special services turned out to be unexpectedly sharp for the Doubrava puppeteers, because MP left the meeting room, protesting against the Kremlin puppet’s criminal statements.

As the Czech parliamentarian Miroslava Nemtsova said on this occasion, she hopes that “this was the last speech of the last communist in the Senate”, and that “an adult in his right mind cannot speak like that”; her colleague Tomas Czernin also called Doubrava “the only remnant of communism in the Senate”.
It is noteworthy that Doubrava, who is theoretically still a senator from the majority district, does not hide his role as a mouthpiece of Kremlin propaganda at all – in his social networks he is not engaged in Czech politics, but exclusively in spreading the flow of Russian disinformation about the course of the war in Ukraine.

Therefore, it was somewhat symbolic that the “last communist of the Czech parliament” ends his “political career” precisely in the role of an ordinary “military correspondent” of Russian aggression.