According to the reports of the Ukrainian authorities and experts, now there is a large-scale transfer of units of the aggressor’s army from the combat zone in the Donetsk Region to the Kherson Region through the Crimea, primarily by rail.

This dimension is characterized not only by the limited possibility or even the complete impossibility of even military transportation of the Russian invaders by rail between Donetsk and Kherson through Melitopol and Kakhovka, but also by the difficulties in transferring the aggressor’s troops to the right bank of the Dnepro after the systemic damage to bridges across the river in the Kherson Region.

Recall that the movement of forces and tools of the Russian occupiers by aviation led to numerous defeats from the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the airfields, located in the part of the Kherson Region, occupied by the Russians.

Therefore, the current statement of the Russian invaders’ fake “administration” about the “urgent arrangement” of “air ambulance” in the Kherson Region should be considered very interesting, for which the aggressor’s forces announced five “running sites” for helicopters on the territories of civil hospitals.
In fact, the occupiers expect to have additional capacities for the transfer of their own armed forces, and they will use civilian hospitals to “cover” by them as a “human shield”, which is expressly prohibited by the 1949 Geneva Conventions.