As already reported, the “unblocking” of the North Crimean Canal by the aggressor by seizing districts of the Kherson Region since February 2022 did not lead to a “radical change” in the water usage of the occupied peninsula.

The “rice-growing revival” and “large-scale fish farming” announced by the Russian invaders remain more of a PR than real economic processes.

Also, the grain harvest on the peninsula in 2022 does not exceed last year’s in terms of main indicators, therefore, there were no tangible changes in the crop production of the Crimea due to the “restoration of water supply”, except for a slight increase in the number of fodder crops for livestock.

At the same time, the introduction of “Dnieper water” to the Crimea did not lead to an improvement in water distribution in urban networks, nor to the effective use of mountain reservoirs by the Russian occupiers.

The large-scale flooding of the Bilohirsk and Simferopol districts and directly the administrative center of the occupied Crimea in June 2022 was caused by the overflow of the Simferopol and Bilohirsk reservoirs, from which the “administration” drained water at the wrong time.

In such circumstances, the invaders had to find a “scapegoat” and they decided to “publicly make” collaborator Igor Vail, who since 2014 served the invaders in the role of “head of the state water management committee.” Instead of Vail, the fake “head of Crimea” Aksyonov criminally “appointed” Vladislav Maslyanik, the so-called “director of the budgetary institution” “Krymmeliovodkhoz”, to this illegal “position”. At the same time, invaders-controlled telegram channels began to spread the “insider” that Vail was “fired precisely for the Simferopol flood.”

But in fact, the collaborator Vail reached the age of seventy, and the aforementioned Maslenik was his “right hand”, including the “tasty” issues of “public procurement” and “appropriation of federal funds”. In addition, it is Maslenik in his previous “position” who should be “responsible for the use of the waters of the North Crimean Canal”, but we have indicated above about the “result of his efforts”.

So the Russian occupiers have not yet changed their criminal and inefficient system of water usage in the Crimea, which, of course, will still lead to negative results for the population of the occupied region.