On the morning of July 31, the fake governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, reported an alleged “explosion at the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet from a Ukrainian drone,” which allegedly injured six people from the aggressor’s personnel. Razvozhaev announced the “cancellation of festive events” that were planned today because of the “day of the fleet”.

Earlier, we wrote that the occupiers are planning to hold the “day of the fleet” in a “ground form”, primarily in the form of “prayers and rallies”, obviously understanding the real risks for their own warships.

At the same time, on July 30, commenting on Razvozhaev’s criminal statements about the murder of Ukrainian prisoners in Olenivka by the Russian invaders, we recalled that in early July, through telegram channels controlled by the Russian special services, the invaders “announced” as a “rocket attack” on the “isolation” for prisoners in Olenivka , and on objects in Sevastopol also.

Therefore, the Association pointed out yesterday that Razvozhaev’s “media activity” may also indicate that the occupiers are preparing bloody provocations, namely in Sevastopol, with the aim of accusing them of the Ukrainian authorities.

Commenting on the aggressor’s statements about the “explosion”, the representative of the Odessa Military-Civilian Administration Bratchuk on the morning of July 31 called Russian reports of an “explosion at the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet” as the aggressor’s provocation.

The purpose of such a provocation can be considered both the desire to “divert attention” from the aggressor’s war crimes, and an attempt to find a basis for canceling the “day of the fleet”, which in the “land” form would have especially miserable features for Russian invaders. In addition, the Russian occupiers may try to use this “explosion” to disrupt the Istanbul agreements on unblocking Ukrainian ports.

However, under any circumstances, the message of Russian propaganda about the “explosion” led to panic among collaborators and Russian colonizers.

The occupiers later corrected the “version of events”, stating that “the drone was launched in the Crimea”; probably, in the near future the aggressor will announce the “detention” of the Russians-fabricated “saboteurs”.