According to media reports, on July 22, in the occupied Henichesk, Russian invaders abducted Aleksey Kiselev, the former commander of the Ukrainian Naval Forces’ “Slavutych” ship and an activist of the “Pereselenetz-SOS” public organization.

According to Kiselyov’s son Artem, the activist was “accused” by the occupiers of participating in the volunteer Crimean Tatar battalion named after Noman Chelebidzhikhan, taken by force on July 27 to the occupied Crimea and “arrested” there by the occupation “court” on July 29 for two months.

According to the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, the Russian invaders are spreading repressions in the part of the Kherson region they occupied against allegedly “members” of the mentioned public formation, which has the features of a separate campaign of occupying terror, including persons who have nothing to do with the battalion.

According to the Center, ten such detentions or abductions are known, in particular in Kherson and in the Henichesk region, which primarily concerned representatives of the Crimean Tatar people, including the deputy chairman of the Kherson Regional Majlis of the Crimean Tatars, Nasrulla Seidaliev.

Six more Crimean Tatars were criminally “sentenced” by the invaders in Crimea before the start of large-scale Russian aggression for allegedly “participation” in the mentioned battalion.