U.S. Congress adopted a resolution on 27 July, 2022 where it called Secretary of State to recognize Russia as state sponsor of terrorism. Resolution grounded it by facts that the Government of Russia provides material support to Syria, a nation currently designated as a state sponsor of terrorism, that has been used to target the Syrian people; and as Russia spreads terror throughout the world through private military networks of mercenaries, such as the Wagner Group, in an “effort to project power cheaply”.

U.S. Congress pointed that the Wagner Group relies on the support of Russia and its Ministry of Defense to advance the foreign policy objectives of the Russian Federation. Congress mentioned that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has appealed to  Congress to encourage the Department of State to recognize Russian as a state sponsor of terrorism noting that Russia has for years supported and financed terrorist regimes and terrorist organizations, including being the main supplier of weapons to the Assad regime in Syria and supporting terrorists in the Middle East and Latin America, organizing acts of international terrorism.

Our Associaiton periodically informed competent international structures and governments of civilized states regarding Crimea-related Russian terroristic activities, including mercenaries like Wagner Group or fake “Crimean Cossaks”. On April, 2022 we sent the Association’s input to UN report on victims of mercenaries, mercenary related actors, and private military and security companies, drafted by UN Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries; our submission is available on UN web-sources by the link.