According to recent reports, “Oboronlogistics” LLC, controlled by the aggressor’s military ministry, as part of its “military construction complex” plans to use the ferry “Lavrentiy” (“Lavrentios”) for cargo transportation from the Russian Azov port of Yeysk to Russia-occupied Mariupol.

This ferry, the former “Agios Lavrentios”, until 2015 provided transportation under the Greek flag in the Aegean Sea and then she was bought out by the aggressor through intermediaries for the criminal delivery of goods through the Kerch Strait to the occupied Crimea.

Since 2018, the “Oboronlogistics” concern has been under the sanctions of a number of states, which were strengthened in February 2022 and extended to ships owned by this company.

At the same time, “civilian” ships of “Oboronlogistics”, such as “Pizhma”, “Sparta”, “Ursa Mayor”, are used by the aggressor to supply military products and related construction and other materials to the countries of the Middle East.

The involvement of the “Lavrentiy” ferry for the illegal transportation of goods from Yeysk and the criminal development of the aggressor’s military infrastructure in occupied Mariupol is justified both by the poor condition of the railway in the territories of the Donetsk region occupied by Russia, and by the aggressor’s desire to “load” the port of Yeysk, which was at the beginning of summer, 2022 was in the pre-bankruptcy state due to large-scale Russian aggression and related restrictions on navigation.