As we have already reported, despite the passionate desire of key Crimean collaborators to take part in the looting of Hestron and Melitopol captured by the Russians, the Kremlin quite realistically fixes the low level of “usefulness” from the occupying “administrations” of Crimea for the development of a criminal regime in the continental south of Ukraine captured by the aggressor.

Therefore, the main “sphere of responsibility” that the Russian invaders let down to their accomplices in the occupied peninsula was the “organization of education”. However, it has already been noted that instead of the promised “tens of thousands of teachers”, the Crimean collaborators staged a fake “retraining” of up to a hundred people in Yevpatoria, with a loud PR of this action, where not only the Crimean “talking heads” of the invaders, but also the Deputy Chairman of the State thoughts Anna Kuznetsova “selfied” actively.

The fake “appointment” to Kherson Mikhail Rodikov as the criminal “Minister of Education”, who after 2014 carried out the illegal tasks of the aggressor to transfer Sevastopol “to Russian educational standards”, did not affect the situation either. But a few days ago, Rodikov “presented an interview” to Russian propaganda, in which he actually “washed his hands”, signing his own failure to “establish the educational process”.

In particular, Rodikov complains that the Ukrainian authorities “pay all [teachers] salaries on cards” and that he “has not yet invited” “his team of specialists from Sevastopol” because it is “too dangerous” and that “there is no management system.” At the same time, Rodikov admits that there were 424 schools and 482 kindergartens in the Kherson Region before the Russian invasion. 40 institutions of vocational education and 5 institutions of higher education.

In this dimension, it is noteworthy that on July 26, the criminal fake “administration” announced the alleged “creation” of “22 budget schools and 21 kindergartens” in the Kherson region. This meager, in relation to the total number, level of “educational institutions” for which the occupiers were able to find at least some collaborators, directly shows the true attitude of the population of the occupied mainland south of Ukraine towards the Russian invaders.

At the same time, Russian occupiers also succeed in carrying out the “landing of the Crimean teachers” mainly only within the framework of promises. As the fake functionary of the criminal “department of education and science of Sevastopol” Larisa Sulima admitted on July 27, among the “Sevastopol teachers” only five “future directors of schools” and 25 more persons were found for criminal “methodological support” and “transition to the Russian language of instruction” in Kherson and Melitopol.

Given the presence in the Kherson region of hundreds of institutions of secondary education, it is obvious that the “pedagogical potential” of the Crimean collaborators is unable to satisfy the criminal plans of the aggressor. And even the experience of Sulima, who until 2021 was engaged in the position of deputy minister of education and science of Tatarstan precisely for the Russification of this republic, will clearly not become a panacea for the Kremlin now.