As our Association reported in June 2022, the break in the long-term cooperation of the “Siemens” concern with the Russian aggressors, in particular after the discovered facts of illegal supplies of the concern’s unique equipment to the occupied Crimea, became a painful but not critical step for the company.

It was pointed out that such a situation in the Crimean dimension will be reflected primarily in the field of energy, and it is actually just for Russia, where the exit of the concern will have catastrophic economic consequences, not comparable to the temporary losses suffered by “Siemens” itself.

Therefore, from June 2022, Russian propaganda, directed by the special services, embraces the “revenge” of the “Siemens” concern. In particular, they are trying to “make the concern guilty” of reducing the supply of Russian gas to Germany, when there was a “reduction in capacity” of the notorious Russian gas pipeline “Nord Stream – 1” to Germany, by 40%, to 100 million cubic meters of gas per day.

For a long time, the Russian invaders connected this allegedly with the repair of the “Siemens” turbine, which serves the gas pipeline, which was supposed to be carried out at the Canadian plant and was stopped due to sanctions imposed by the Canadian Government. The aggressor demanded that the Canadian Government “return the turbine” and at the same time Russia demanded that “Siemens” “provide the necessary documents”.

As the Association wrote a month ago, in fact, the aggressor is trying to “shift” its responsibility for the disruption of supply to “Siemens” and thereby financially and image-wise “punish” the concern for curtailing its work in Russia and for the obvious termination of equipment supplies to the occupied territories.

After the start of the “special operation” of the aggressor with the “Canadian turbine”, our Association appealed to the authorized authorities of Canada with detailed information about the previous provocations of the Russians with “Crimean” industrial equipment from “Siemens”, with the help of which the aggressor tried to circumvent the sanctions of the European Union.

This our thesis was confirmed now after the aggressor currently stopped another “Siemens” turbine at the “Nord Stream” gas plant, allegedly for “preparation for repairs”, which reduced the load of the gas plant to 20 %, namely to 33 million cubic meters per day. The Kremlin directly links the launch of this turbine with the reduction of sanctions pressure from the United States and the European Union.

As the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi pointed out in this regard, even despite the concession regarding the turbine for the “Nord Stream”, Russia is not going to restore the supply of gas to European countries, as it is obligated by contracts, and this is an open gas war that Russia is waging against a united Europe.

Therefore, Zelensky added, we should not think about how to return some turbine, but strengthen sanctions, do everything to limit Russian income not only from gas and oil, but also from any export that still remains, to sever trade ties with Russia as much as possible, because every such connection is a potential means of pressure for the aggressor.

Under such conditions, added the President of Ukraine, the gas blackmail of Europe, which only increases every month, is needed by the terrorist state in order to make life worse for every European. And this can actually be seen as an incentive for the EU’s eighth sanctions package to be significantly stronger than the recently approved seventh.