The occupation “administration” announced the “approval” of Konstantin Skorupskyi as the next fake “minister of health” on the peninsula, who has been “performing duties” in the corresponding “position” since the fall of 2021.

Before the occupation of Crimea, Skorupskyi worked as a doctor at sanitary-epidemiological stations in Simferopol and Sudak, and since 2014, the Russian invaders “appointed” him as a fake “head of the territorial department” of the corresponding “supervision” in Feodosia.

However, in 2016, after a series of corruption incidents, Skorupsky switched to “practical management of medicine” in the role of “chief physician” of the “Sudak Town Hospital”, where he soon “distinguished himself” in the scandal involving the eviction of local doctors from the “departmental apartments”, they had received from the town administration before the occupation of the Crimea, to the hostel.

In fact, it was Skorupskyi who was an accomplice in such an arrangement of the town “administration”, with the subsequent realization of the indicated housing for “necessary people”.

But since the indicated “combination” would lead to the actual leaving of the town without doctors at all, it ended in 2017 with problems for Skorupsky himself, who was made a “shooter” and “demoted” to “head of the prevention office” in local hospital.

However, in the future, the swindler Skorupsky “came to court” and in 2019 began to make a “rapid career” for Russian invaders.

Already as an “acting minister” at the end of 2021, he was firmly “on the hook” of the Russian special services for embezzlement with “insurance funds” and “resources of the federal target program”, and already during a large-scale aggression he was supposed to become a “scapegoat” for “disruption of the deadlines for the implementation of national project”.

However, in this situation, Skorupsky “hid himself” by hyperactivity in the field of “assistance to the Russian army”. And the issue here is not so much his involvement “ex-officio” in ensuring mass treatment of military aggressors at “civilian” healthcare facilities in the Crimea, because the mortality rate and the quality of medical services there were clearly at a disappointing level for the occupiers.

So Skorupsky “correctly understood” that “PR is our everything” and from April 2022 began to actively exploit the topic of “landing of Crimean doctors in Donbas”. These semi-fake “visits” of medical workers, primarily from local hospitals in Crimea, were actively covered by the aggressor’s propaganda.

In addition, Skorupskyi was apparently involved in “black” schemes to transport children from the war zone to Russia through the occupied Crimea, changing their profile data in Crimean hospitals in order to make it impossible for them to be traced by relatives after “adoption by Russian parents” or to be used as forced donors.

On July 14, Skorupskyi was involved in the propaganda “visit of a delegation of health care specialists from the Kherson region” to the Crimea, where anonymous fake “leaders”, partly without specialized education and skills, allegedly “were supposed to adopt the Crimean experience”.

However, there is a “weak point” in such “innovative approaches” of the fake “minister”, because no matter how much the aggressor’s propaganda tells the Crimeans about “peninsula’s powerful medicine”, this format of “television treatment” has not yet given anyone good health.