On July 24, Russian propaganda began to disseminate a statement by the outrageous Russian showman Philip Kirkorov, who announced his readiness to provide “free seats” at concerts for “wounded Russian soldiers” who are located massively on the occupied peninsula.

However, such an allegedly “patriotic step” was obviously forced for Kirkorov’s producers, because the illegal organization of “show business star concerts” in Crimea faced an “unexpected problem”. The fact is that on the wave of “guarding the bonds”, Kirkorov got “problems” in Russia itself because of his number for the song “Mary Magdalena”, where he climbed onto the cross placed on the stage.

The Russian “public” began to actively denigrate this show as “an insult to the feelings of believers” and began to seek the cancellation of the singer’s concerts, which had already taken place last week in Stavropol, Pyatigorsk and Maykop.

The illegal concerts of Kirkorov were announced for the next week in the occupied Feodosia and Yalta, and the fake “Yalta Cossacks” controlled by the Russian special services even turned, “like” their Caucasian “colleagues”, to the Crimean Metropolitan Lazar with a request “to contribute to concerts’ cancellation”.

In such conditions, given the apparent lack of full houses in the half-empty “Crimean resorts” due to hostilities, Kirkorov’s producers decided to “cover themselves” with the wounded soldiers of the aggressor. After all, this is the only category of “vacationers” that the occupiers can now fill in a concert hall of any capacity in the Crimea.