As it was already reported, the Russian invaders promised in the spring of 2022 to conduct “massive retraining” of teachers in the occupied regions of southern mainland Ukraine in Crimea, while Crimean collaborators promised to “retrain” tens of thousands of teachers. In fact, the occupiers managed to drive up to a hundred “teaching workers” to Yevpatoria in July 2022 for a corresponding purely propaganda event, as our Association has already written about.

Understanding the obvious disloyalty to the Russian invaders from the teachers of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions and realizing the “lack of a pedagogical reserve” in the occupied Crimea, the aggressor is considering the importation of a “pedagogical landing force” from Russia itself to the occupied mainland south of Ukraine.

At the same time, attention should be paid to Alexander Rudyakov, as “the main executor” of the criminal “retraining” of teachers in the occupied Crimea. He is the so-called “rector” of the fake “Crimean Republican Institute of Postgraduate Education”, controlled by the Russian occupiers.

This “outstanding Russianist”, who before the occupation worked in Crimea in key positions in the field of education, since 2014 has publicly become the “maximum supporter” of the Russian dictator, stating that “the growth of the authority of the Russian language abroad today is provided by one person and his name is … Putin” , and that the Russian language is “a force through which we influence the Russian-speaking world”.

The most comical thing in this situation is that until 2014 Rudyakov, an old co-author and colleague of Vladimir Kazarin, about whose “interesting” commercial transactions our Association wrote a lot, stated completely different theses.

For several years, by example, he promoted the characteristic concept of the separation of the “Russian language in Ukraine” from the Russian language in Russia, as signs of its “disintegration into variants”. In particular, Rudyakov ten years ago declared the existence of a “Crimean regional variant of the Ukrainian national variant of the Russian language”.

However, in recent years, the expression of “ardent loyalty” to the Russian dictator allowed Rudyakov to “bury” the corresponding “past scientific mistakes”. Now he, along with the fake “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov and the fake “chairman of the committee” Alexander Shuvalov, are briskly embraced by the “disbursement of funds” for the fictitious “retraining of ten thousand teachers”, which is very reminiscent of the novel “Dead Souls”, beloved by the “Crimean Russianists”.