Even before the start of the large-scale Russian invasion, our Association wrote about the functioning in Crimea under the control of the Russian special services of groups of collaborators, “opposition” to the clans of the fake “head” and “speaker” of the peninsula Aksenov and Konstantinov.

First of all, it was about the “independent blogger” Alexander Talipov, close to the outrageous “new Russian” Oleg Tsarev, and about the Kerch adherents of the “Russian world” Viktor Sazhin and Konstantin Ermanov.

Since February 2022, Talipov has become the key “talking head” of the Russian special services as part of their purely military propaganda, however, he was also noted for his participation in constructing new provocations against the Aksyonov clan, such as the recent tragicomic “beating of Russian wounded” in Sudak.

The conflict between Yermanov and Aksenov also continues, escalating in 2021 after a series of “revealing publications” about property registered to relatives of the “head of Crimea” in Crimea and Russia.

Then, “independent bloggers” controlled by Aksyonov publicly advised Yermanov to “sew up his pockets”, and then, “by a strange coincidence”, the Crimean punitive structures of the occupiers “brought a case” about the alleged distribution of marijuana by the “oppositionist”.

It is noteworthy that within the framework of this “trial of the century” in Moscow, Yermanov’s interests are represented by the outrageous lawyer Alexander Molokhov, who previously dealt with the case of another Crimean “oppositionist” Oleg Zubkov, and served the interests of the Kremlin in Crimea since 2014 as a fake “representative of the Russian Ombudsman” on the peninsula.

In general, Yermanov’s example is “not isolated”, because, as it turned out during the years of occupation, the “ideological” supporters of Russia are not always needed by the occupiers, primarily because of their “incomplete control”. The system of Russian invaders leaves them, at best, the role of “pocket critics”, but consistently stops all attempts to “get to power”.

This dimension is characterized by the “case” of Simferopol Valentin Sheikin, a consistent supporter of the aggressor state, “awarded with medals” for promoting aggression, who even starred in the propaganda tape of the occupiers “Crimea”. Shaikin’s attempt to “play politics” immediately ended in July 2022 with a “case of extremist activity”.

However, in addition to such “veterans of the Crimean spring”, the Russian occupiers have another, “everyday” problem – mass deviant behavior on the peninsula of the occupiers’ military personnel who returned from the combat zone. For example, the other day, such a “hero” tried to “show things off” in a drunken brawl in Yevpatoria with the help of a combat grenade.

In such conditions, the current promises of the occupiers to “rename the streets” and “put up busts” on the peninsula “in honor” of the aggressor soldiers killed by the Ukrainian army become tragicomic, since the occupiers need such “heroic characters” exclusively as dead ones.