As already reported, after the beginning of large-scale Russian aggression, the higher Russian authorities began to pay more attention to the “brainwashing” of young people with appropriate propaganda.

This was facilitated by the aggressor’s painful realization that decades of militarization of school education and the activities of the so-called “Unarmy”, both in Russia and in the occupied Crimea, did not contribute to the strengthening of the youth’s desire to die for the ideology of “Russian world”.

Therefore, the Kremlin decided to “strengthen the organizational efforts” of the mentioned processes and to link them with the occupied Crimea. In particular, the idea of “revival of Soviet pioneering” was announced by Kremlin as an alleged request to Putin from a resident of Sevastopol during another “telebridge of appeals”.

Later, on July 14, 2022, the Russian authorities approved the law 261-FZ “On the Russian Movement of Children and Youth”, which announced the creation of a “all-Russian social and state movement”, which in a “voluntary-coercive order” will unite all the invaders-controlled children’s and youth “civil structures”, headed by the president of the aggressor personally, as the head of movement’s supervisory board.
After that, in the Crimean children’s center “Artek”, captured by the aggressor, the “founding meeting” of this movement was criminally held, which, according to the intention of the initiators of this process, should reproduce the Soviet totalitarian approach in the activities of “pioneers and Komsomol” at the same time.

At the same time, in the occupied Crimea, namely in Yevpatoria, the aggressor is conducting a propaganda show of “retraining” of teachers from the occupied districts of the Kherson region, driven to the town.

Although instead of the promised “thousands of teachers” for such “training”, the aggressor managed to gather up to a hundred people as a “mass show”, it is obvious that the main task that the aggressor will demand from them will be the “brainwashing” of Ukrainian pupils.

It is characteristic that the aggressor does not plan to allocate any significant funds or “organizational resources” for these needs, and the expelled teachers and “administrative staff” received from the occupiers only kitsch propaganda brochures about the alleged “fight against Ukrainian nazi”.

The aggressor sees repression and intimidation as the key lever of influence on the situation. In particular, the Russian occupiers threaten the criminal deportation of teachers who refuse to comply with the occupiers’ wishes and the “deprivation of parental rights” for the families of students who will not allow their own children to participate in the fake “educational process”.