In recent days, announcements were placed in high-rise buildings in Simferopol, in which, on behalf of the occupying “management of the city administration”, it was reported about the alleged preparation of “inspection of warehouses for the population” with a list of addresses where there are suitable bomb shelters or basements.

Also a message was distributed to the population of the occupied Crimea and Sevastopol, in a number of occupiers-controlled sources in social networks, primarily in Telegram channels, about the Russian invaders’ “checking of the tools of mass notification” on July 20.

At the same time, on July 19, the Russian occupational “administrations” made “official statements” that there would be no “inspections” on July 20 and that the announcements about “inspection of warehouses” posted en masse in Simferopol were allegedly “fake” ones.

The indicated situation, taking into account the level of previous distribution of training notices, has signs of a sudden “change of vector” of the Russian occupiers, and not a refutation of “fakes” by them. After all, the level of panic after posting the relevant advertisements turned out to be too painful for the occupiers.

In addition, the aggressor cannot hide from the Crimean residents the success of the destruction by the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the objects of the military infrastructure of the aggressor in the areas of the Kherson Region adjacent to the Crimea, which happens during some last days and maximally demoralizes both the Crimean collaborators and the Russian “colonizers” of the peninsula.