On July 18, the Russian invaders announced in Melitopol the creation of a criminal fake “government of the region”, which was brought to “manage” the former deputy governor of the Russia’s Vologda Region Anton Koltsov.

The same criminal model of “distribution of power”, when the fake “military-civilian administration” becomes a purely propaganda screen, was unlawfully announced by the Russian occupiers in Kherson a week ago, and deputy head of the administration of the aggressor state Sergey Kiriyenko arrived in Melitopol criminally.

Subsequently, Russian propaganda reported that Kiriyenko “almost got under rocket fire” on the territory of the Kherson Region. Koltsov himself is a longtime protégé of Kiriyenko, until 2016 he held positions in the “Severstal Management” concern, and in 2021 he was included in the Kremlin’s personnel reserve.
Together with Koltsov, the occupiers brought to Melitopol for the criminal role of the “Minister of Youth Policy” Anton Titsky, who is closely connected with the Crimea. In particular, Titsky from school age was involved in the subversive activities of the “Russian Community of Sevastopol” and related pro-Russian events.

As part of the aggressor’s preparations for the occupation of Crimea, he was introduced in 2013 to the leadership of the “Russian Youth Movement”, the “All-Ukrainian Coordinating Council of the Organization of Russian Compatriots”, and the Sevastopol organization of the “Russian Unity” party as structures that were directly coordinated by Russian special services with the aim of destabilization of the socio-political situation in Ukraine.

From the end of January 2014, Titsky was involved by the Russian invaders in the formation of pseudo-public structures in Sevastopol under the slogans of “countering the Euromaidan” and after the complete occupation of Crimea, he became an “advisor” to the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov.
However, already in the summer of 2014, Titsky was transferred by his Kremlin curators to “party work” and became the organizer of the fake “Crimean republican organization” of the Russian pocket opposition party “Rodina”.

Titsky was brought into “administration” in Sevastopol in 2016 by the fake “governor” Dmitry Ovsyannikov, and since then he has maintained not public, but direct contacts with the aforementioned Kremlin functionary Kiriyenko. During the period of Ovsyannikov’s “management” Titsky was involved in Russia-occupied Sevastopol in the criminal role of “chairman of the council”, and then “head of administration” of the fake “Leninsky municipal district”.

During the criminal management of the district of the city, Titsky was overgrown with firms associated with trade, such as “Nephrit” with a good even “official” turnover, according to the Sevastopol framework. Also, Titsky, even before the “leadership of the district”, had been laundering “budgetary funds” since 2015 through the “youth organization” Bastion, where Sevastopol “functionaries” from United Russia Sergei Budnyak and Nikolai Chernov, who controlled a number of “firms” were also involved. specializing in real estate speculation and trading.

Of course, for the “leadership of the district” Titsky himself also “urgently changed his part” and became a “United Russia member”. Titsky’s “patron” Ovsyannikov during his stay in Sevastopol competed with the business clan of Alexei Chaly, the first criminal “governor” from the Russian invaders.

“Independent media” controlled by Chaly and his Kremlin patrons in 2019, after Ovsyannikov was “transferred” to Moscow, began to cover in detail the specifics of Titsky’s obtaining the “position of the head of the district” in 2016. It was pointed out that this happened through the mediation of the “Sevastopol communist” Vasily Parkhomenko, where the “young gift” Titsky began to motivate his “leadership” not only and not so much with a significant bribe.

However, no “personal qualities” could help Titsky “to continue his career” in Sevastopol “after Ovsyannikov”. After all, his combination, built in the summer of 2019, with the criminal role of “deputy of the legislative assembly of the city” from “United Russia” and in the next “game of thrones” for the “position of chairman of the assembly” ended in a false start.

Indeed, after the “transfer” of Ovsyannikov in August 2019, Titsky was immediately “removed from the elections” due to the decision of “United Russia”, which was based on “corruption issues”.

It is noteworthy that Titsky immediately after that, under the patronage of the aforementioned Sergei Kiriyenko, was transferred from the occupied peninsula to Moscow, where he became a functionary of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (“Rosmolodezh”).

Now, Titsky’s new “role” means a struggle for participation in the sacking of Melitopol between different Kremlin groups, which, in particular, control Sergei Aksenov and the current fake “governor” of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, who was involved in the “expulsion” of Titsky from the city in 2019.
Also, the general activity of Sergei Kiriyenko in placing his “clients” in the occupied territories of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions becomes systemic, and it was this functionary of the Kremlin who became the key generator of ideas for the criminal system of the aggressor’s occupying “powers”.