As it was already reported, the Kremlin authorities and Russian propaganda react extremely painfully to the process of discussing the prospects of destroying the military facilities of the aggressor state located in the occupied Crimea.

In recent days, the key talking heads of the aggressor, namely the functionary of the Federation Council Andriy Klishas and the former fictitious president of Russia Dmytro Medvedev, have been distinguished by repeated threats against Ukraine if it “decides to attack Crimea”.

At the same time, it should not be forgotten that similar threats to Ukraine regarding various circumstances have been constantly coming from the aggressor since February 2022 and, as a rule, it intensify after successive failures of the Russian invaders in the war zone.

It is also worth reminding that the other day the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on the destruction, with modern weapons, of ammunition warehouses and command posts of the occupiers in areas of the Kherson region, several tens of kilometers away from Crimea.

Under such conditions, it is indicated that the occupiers have not yet managed to disperse the relevant military facilities to minimize the consequences of their destruction, as was predicted by analysts, and instead moved them away from the front, in particular, to the areas of mainland Ukraine close to Crimea.
At the same time, the aggressor transferred part of the grouping of its surface ships from the bases of the occupied Crimea to Novorossiysk, and in the social networks of Sevastopol, questions regarding the access and availability of bomb shelters are widely spread. Moreover, even the Kremlin’s puppet in Grozny, Ramzan Kadyrov, suddenly began to demand from the Kremlin to place additional air defense facilities in Chechnya.

At the same time, after Medvedev’s hysterical statements, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, stated that no one would accept such intimidation and noted that these statements from the aggressor echoed on the next anniversary of Russia’s destruction of the Malaysian Boeing in the sky over the Ukrainian Donbass.