The aggressor’s propaganda informs about the new criminal “decree” of the fake occupation “administration” of the Russian invaders, according to which in fact any action that will be considered by the occupiers as a “violation” will lead to “forcible eviction outside the territory of the Kherson region”.
It is stated that the criminal “decision” about this will be approved by the “military commandant” with the execution of “expulsion” within 24 hours. A similar criminal decree was announced by the occupiers in Melitopol as well.

Of course, the specified statements of the aggressor’s puppets do not mean that the persons, who actively resist the occupation, will be precisely “expelled”, because the occupiers will still not abandon the criminal practice of murder, torture and deprivation of liberty, in respect of which the relevant international processes are already ongoing.

It should be recalled that the occupiers do not allow the population of the occupied territories of the Kherson Region to move to the territory, controlled by the authorities of Ukraine, and in relation to the south of the Zaporizhzhya Region, such a move is combined with huge risks and at least with total extortion on the part of the occupiers. It is unlikely that the Russian invaders will use as a “punishment” what they actually do not allow even those who wish.

Thus, the indicated criminal “decrees” actually mean that the Russian invaders are preparing to mass “deport” the population from the occupied mainland South of Ukraine to Russia, through the occupied Crimea and Mariupol. Such “expulsion” is an international war crime of deportation and it is a direct violation of the IV Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute.

The occupiers’ implementation of preparations for this criminal deportation of the population means their understanding of the inevitability of the deoccupation of Kherson and Melitopol, from where the occupiers strive to criminally export labor and “cannon fodder” to the Crimea and Russia.