After the aggresso’s Black Sea Fleet launched a new missile attack on civilian objects in Vinnytsia, as a result of which dozens of civilians were killed, Ukrainian volunteers released information about the key perpetrators of the said terrorist act.

The deliberate shelling of civilian objects in Vinnytsia was carried out from submarine of the Russian invaders’ “4th Separate Constanta Submarine Brigade of Order of Ushakov” of from Cape Fiolent in Sevastopol, and this brigade is commanded by captain of the first rank Oleg Mykholap.

Mykholap is a staff submariner, whose career was made for a long time by his father, Konstantin Mykholap, head of the department of the Saint-Petersberg’s Higher Naval School of Submarines, from which the future captain graduated.

Oleh Mykholap’s track record was made on several diesel submarines, which were based in Polarny, Murmansk region, in the Kola Flotilla of Various Forces, and his first command assignment was immediately on the newest boat of the invaders, “St. Petersburg”.

However, in the future, Mykholap was very quickly transferred to the commander of more outdated boats, “Magnitogorsk”, “Yaroslavl” and “Kaluga”. During his command of Yaroslavl, a typical incident took place on this submarine with the dismissal of contract workers who refused to pay part of the salary for the captain’s personal needs.

Mykholap was transferred to the specified “Sevastopol’s” 4th Brigade after its formation by the Russian invaders in 2015-2018, as part of the occupiers’ militarization of Crimea and the Russia’s preparation of large-scale aggression against the civilized countries of the world.

Mykholap’s subordinate, second rank captain and division commander of the aforementioned 4th Brigade, Konstantin Tabachny, is also involved in the criminal rocket attacks on the civilian population of Ukraine.
Unlike his criminal boss, Tabachny served for a long time in the Black Sea Fleet and “made a career” for 11 years on the “Alrosa” submarine, after which he was the appointed captain of the “Novorossiysk” submarine, which in 2015 sailed from the Arctic to the Black Sea as part of the criminal militarization of Crimea by the Russian invaders.