As it was already reported, recently the aggressor organized “military exercises” with the installation of a smoke screen over the “Crimean Bridge”, and it also brought several barges with “reflectors” to this construction. These “exercises” were accompanied by “training launches” of the aggressor’s missiles from Northern Crimea in the direction of the “bridge”.

Such sudden “exercises”, with the demands of the occupiers to explain the details of their implementation in retrospect, led to frankly panicky moods on the peninsula, especially among Crimean collaborators and Russian “colonizers”.

On July 11, the corresponding situation was repeated, as the Russian invaders suddenly opened fire in the Kerch Strait, the explosions of which the invaders initially traditionally explained as allegedly “the crossing of the supersonic barrier by an airplane”.

Then, after the corresponding pictures of rocket launches appeared on social networks, the fake head of the Kerch administration, Svyatoslav Brusakov, announced the “training of anti-aircraft defense equipment”.

It is noteworthy that, at the same time, the Russian occupiers are preparing to hold propaganda events on July 15 at the “bridge” to “celebrate the middle of the holiday season”, in the framework of which it is announced that “Russian tourists” who will illegally arrive in Crimea will be treated, and the distribution of souvenirs and advertising materials to them.

Regardless of the “level of training” of the aggressor’s anti-aircraft forces in occupied Kerch, the specified event looks tragicomic, since even the propaganda of the Russian invaders cannot hide the total absence of “Russian vacationers” on the peninsula, which is obviously caused precisely by large-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine.