On July 10, precipitation fell almost all over the territory of the Crimea, and such an ordinary event as summer rain again paralyzed life in occupied Yevpatoria, Simferopol and Yalta, leading to the collapse of transport and the flooding of hundreds of homes.

It is noteworthy that despite the allocation of “billions of rubles of the federal target program”, the clogged storm and anti-flood systems of the peninsula were not repaired by the occupiers even after the “floods” of 2021, which took on the character of a natural disaster in Kerch and Yalta.

Currently, among the tragicomic features of the new flood, in addition to washed away sections of “new roads”, it should be pointed out the flooding in Yevpatoria, due to the low quality of the new roof, of the city’s “Sports Palace” as an “object of the federal target program”, the Russian occupiers have been renovating the building for seven years successfully “raised funds” and which was “ceremoniously opened” in 2021.