Russian propaganda began to disseminate statements by the French member of the European Parliament, Thierry Mariani, in which he criminally tries to “discredit” assistance to Ukraine from the European Union, manipulating that such funding should allegedly be calculated “depending on the ability” of Ukraine “to return the funds.”

Such theses are a deliberate fake, since the appropriate funding of the European Commission is carried out, according to official reports and statements of EU authorized persons, in particular through grants, not loans, for which there are obviously other mechanisms of calculation and justification in the European Union.

After all, as the European Commission officially reports, since the start of large-scale Russian aggression, the EU has mobilized about 4.1 billion euros for the overall economic, social and financial stability of Ukraine in the form of emergency macro-financial assistance, budgetary support, emergency assistance, crisis response and humanitarian assistance.

Of course, humanitarian aid, like other non-credit funds, is non-refundable, in addition, neither Mariani nor Russian propaganda cites any evidence of the alleged “insolvency” of Ukraine in financial cooperation with the EU, and they cannot give them by definition.

Moreover, Russian propaganda is silent about the freezing of Russian assets in the EU countries for huge sums, which obviously significantly overlap these funds and can be used to help Ukraine.

In addition, it should be recalled that Mariani is a well-known executor of the will of the Russian special services and that he repeatedly illegally visited the occupied Crimea and systematically made relevant anti-Ukrainian statements.

It has already been mentioned that Mariani apparently participated not only in periodic aggressor-paid visits to the occupied Crimea, but also in the theft of EU funds by the Le Pen party, a scandal about which is now shaking France.

Our Association and other experts have repeatedly covered the details of Mariani’s illegal visits to the Crimea and his possible connections with the international mafia in the field of child trafficking and pedophilia.

Having studied the criminal acts of this “politician” for several years, paid for by various structures of individual countries, our Association noted in 2021 that such supporters of “political prostitution” as Marians should be reminded of the sad story of the “servant of many masters” Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, who received world famous as Mata Hari after her execution.