While some occupiers’ propagandists have been advertising for almost a month a “passenger train from Dzhankoy to Melitopol”, which actually never left anywhere, other local “media” are forced to state the obvious fact that the railway infrastructure of Crimea turned out to be “not adapted” for mass passengers’ transportation through the “Crimean Bridge”.

After all, the aggressor built this infrastructural facility primarily for the criminal supply of troops, equipment and ammunition to the occupied peninsula, for which the issues of speed, car turnover and daily life are secondary.

That is why it “suddenly turned out” that the existing railway section on the Kerch Peninsula can pass from the “bridge” to the central Crimea no more than 31 trains per day. And, of course, most of these trains will not be transporting Russian tourists to the occupied Crimea.

At the same time, Russian propagandists indignantly state, that the corresponding “infrastructure improvements” on the Petrovo – Sim Kolodyaziv section and near the Vladislavovka station, namely the construction of double-track inserts, the renewal of tracks and the construction of a bypass to Feodosia, although it was provided for by the “federal target program”, are “at the design stage” and even “the date of commencement of work is not known”.

This is not surprising, because, as it was already mentioned above, the Russian invaders can provide for the criminal needs of their military group in the Crimea and in the occupied South of mainland Ukraine without such an “improvement”, and they obviously define the rest of the tasks of the railway as “optional”.