On July 4, the aggressor announced the “renewal of the sign” under which he carries out a criminal occupation regime in the districts of the Ukraine’s Kherson Region. After all, Russian propaganda is currently spreading statements about the alleged “creation” of a fake “government” criminally brought to occupied Kherson by Serhiy Kiriyenko, a key functionary of Putin’s administration.

Among the “talking heads” of the criminal government, the Russian occupiers criminally named Serhey Yeliseyev as a fake “prime minister”, Volodymyr Bezpalov, who is allegedly “responsible for domestic policy”, Mykhailo Rodykov as the alleged “chief in the field of education” and Oleksiy Kovalev, as the alleged “responsible for agriculture”.

It is noteworthy that, except for the collaborator Kovalev, who was recently assassinated, the rest of the “functionaries” of the fake “government” are Russian citizens who have never had anything common with the Kherson Region.

Serhey Yeliseyev is a staff functionary of the Russian FSB, who for a certain time was delegated by the Kremlin in the role of “auditor” in the Kaliningrad Region, in particular as an inspector of the Putin’s administration. Volodymyr Bezpalov is a person from his Kaliningrad team who was responsible for controlling the press and social life of the region there.

Mykhailo Rodikov was a Komsomol propagandist during the Soviet period, then he got into the Moscow city authorities, and from there he was criminally “delegated” by aggressor in 2015 to occupied Sevastopol as “head of the education department”, where until 2018 he distinguished himself in a series of scandals.

It is noteworthy that the specified agressor’s “management landing party” to Kherson was formed by the Russian invaders from persons who, on the one hand, are completely under the control of the Kremlin. But on the other hand, these same “paratroopers” are “transient” figures, whom the Kremlin will clearly not be sorry to lose as a result of another act of resistance by the Kherson partisans.