Russian propaganda reports that the so-called “reconstruction” of the historical Livadia park near Yalta was agreed upon by the aggressor’ “authorities”. It is stated that this process will last three years and will allegedly lead to the “renewal” of this monument of architecture and garden art.

At the same time, the specified “project” provides, among other things, the conversion of several buildings of the Livadia Palace into hotel rooms and the corresponding rebuilding of the park’s infrastructure. Thus, the occupiers actually criminally turn an object of historical heritage into a hotel complex in the interests of Putin’s “business partners”, the Kovalchukov brothers.

In social networks, Crimean residents unanimously state the prospect of destruction or damage to the historical monument during “reconstruction”. It is noteworthy that the leadership of the aggressor state is not averse to the commercialization and partial destruction of the palace in occupied Yalta, with which Russian propaganda constantly tries to link the relevant imperial and Soviet narratives.