On June 30 Russian invaders turned on loud warning sirens in the occupied Yevpatoria, without any warning to the population.

After residents’ “questions” and related panic began to circulate on social networks, occupiers-controlled media claimed that the unusual alarm was supposedly aimed at a “storm warning”.

At the same time, in this form, the expected bad weather in the city has never been reported before, and no worsening of the weather a day after the “warning” has happened.

On June 1, already after the corresponding photos and videos appeared on social networks, the infidels announced the conduct of “training” to close the “Crimean bridge” with a smoke curtain. In addition, the invaders’ criminal “administration” stated that the illegal “bridge” was blocked from the Caucasian side, allegedly due to a “traffic accident”, which “coincided with the training”.

Thus, the Russian occupiers began to conduct a sudden “security check” of a number of Crimean facilities, while explanations for the “measures taken” were provided after the fact and in a grotesque form, which is the most typical phenomenon for the Russian occupying army.