Our Association has repeatedly drawn attention to the organizational “vacuum” that the Russian invaders criminally create in the occupied territories of mainland Ukraine.

International law, in particular the IV Geneva Convention, obliges the aggressor not to interfere with the operation of Ukrainian legislation in its occupied territory, and since 2014, international institutions have repeatedly pointed out the criminality of the use of “Russian legislation” by the aggressor in the occupied Crimea.

Characteristically, the Russian occupiers themselves recognized the application of the Geneva Conventions to the south of mainland Ukraine occupied by them, and even tried to manipulate it.

For example, on June 16, collaborator Oleksandr Kobets, declared by the Russian occupiers as the fake “head of the military-civil administration” of Kherson, signed the criminal “decree No. 5”, which illegally demanded that the municipal institutions of the city “begin to perform functional duties from June 20, 2022”.

In this fake “decree”, Kobets “referenced” both to the Constitution of Ukraine and its laws, as well as even to Article IV of the Geneva Convention as supposedly “the source of his powers” precisely in the occupied territory, which, in reality, regarding the alleged “legality” of Kobts, does not didn’t match.

After all, the law qualifies the actions of collaborator Kobets as participation in “illegal authorities established in the temporarily occupied territory, including in the occupation administration of the aggressor state,” as the Criminal Code of Ukraine says. At the same time, it is obvious that the vast majority of municipal institutions of Kherson and their officials ignored the illegal demand of the fake “decree No. 5”.

But in the future, the Russian invaders not only unlawfully detained the mayor of Kherson and started a propaganda campaign to “stop sabotage”, they committed new international crimes contrary to Article 64 of the Geneva Convention, which collaborator Kobets had manipulatively referred to two weeks earlier.

After all, this norm directly indicates that “the criminal legislation of the occupied territory remains in force”. At the same time, collaborator Volodymyr Saldo, a fake “chairman of the military-civilian administration” at the Kherson region, signed on June 27 the criminal “decree No. 130/1”, which criminally “introduced” in the region “the operation of Russian legislation”, in particular, “administrative, criminal and criminal procedure”.

Of course, the Russian occupiers and their accomplices have no grounds for this, not only in terms of the laws of Ukraine or international law, but even according to the “Russian legislation” itself.

In addition, in the occupied territory of the Kherson region there are not and cannot be any “Russian law enforcement structures”, “Russian officials and procedural persons” directly provided for by such “Russian legislation”, without which it would be impossible to “apply” it by definition, for example, in Russia itself.

Thus, the invaders criminally seek to strengthen the flywheel of repression in the occupied territories under the guise of fake “legality”, the absurdity of which is obvious to any specialist.

Under the same conditions, Russian propaganda promotes absurd narratives about the alleged “bias of UN officials and judicial bodies” and even about their alleged “lack of jurisdiction over Russia”, as well as claims of Russia’s criminal refusal to comply with the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

Thus, the degradation of the “legal system” of the aggressor state itself continues and its international isolation is intensified.