Some days ago there was information about the intentions of the Sevastopol invaders’ “administration” to “buy out” the so-called “limited liability company” “Sevastopolenergo” from “private owners”.

According to the occupiers-controlled “media”, the Ukrainian energy company “Sevastopolenergo” allegedly “belonged to one of the most powerful electric power groups in Ukraine, owned by State Duma deputy Alexander Babakov and president of the CSKA football club Yevgeni Giner.”

At the same time, it is stated that the criminal “re-registration” of “Sevastopolenergo” to the occupiers’ “registers” the took place “only” in 2017 and that until February 11, 2022, Yevgeni Bocharov was declared as the “founder” of the company, and Igor Duravkin became its “director”.

In 2015, “Radio Liberty” reported that the Ukrainian company PJSC “Energy Company “Sevastopolenergo” changed its legal address and registered in Kherson instead of the Crimea, and the meeting of shareholders allegedly decided to create its “branch” in Sevastopol.

It was added that at that time “Sevastopolenergo” was controlled by “VS Energy International N.V.”, which owned a number of regional energy companies in Ukraine; “Radio Liberty” also attributed “Sevastopolenergo” to Alexander Babakov’s control.

According to official registers, at present PJSC “Energy Company “Sevastopolenergo” is registered in the city of Vyshneve, Kyiv Region, an analysis of the company’s published documents shows that from 2011 to 2019 the general meeting of its shareholders was held by the same persons, for example, Yuri Solovyov.

As of 2013, it was reported that “Sevastopolenergo” shares were owned by “VS Energy International Ukraine” LLC and the aforementioned “VS Energy International N.V.”

Ukrainian registries provide such information and indicate that the ultimate beneficiaries of PJSC “Energy Company “Sevastopolenergo” are Marina Yaroslavskaya and Oleg Sizerman from Berlin, as well as Altbergs Arturs, Wigants Valts and Dambins Willis from Latvia.

It is interesting that “Sevastopolenergo” is not directly mentioned on the Ukrainian websites of the “VS Energy” group companies, but it recognizes control over the companies “Zhytomiroblenergo”, “Kirovogradoblenergo”, “Rivnooblenergo”, “Chernivtsioblenergo” and “Khersonoblenergo”.

As for “Khersonoblenergo”, the regional media of Kherson have long and consistently written about its control over Alexander Babakov, in particular in measuring the businessman’s failure to fulfill obligations during the privatization of the company.

The long-term director of “Khersonoblenergo” was Igor Safronov, who became a deputy of the city council from the “Party of Regions”, but even this odious structure expelled Safronov in the summer of 2013 “for violation of discipline”. However, after the Revolution of Dignity and the occupation of Crimea, Safronov again became a deputy of the city council.

It is noteworthy that under his leadership, “Khersonoblenergo” not only constantly reported on “million losses”, but also in August 2014 defiantly published through the regional media “Most” a report on the “supply of electricity” to the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine located near the occupied Crimea, which contained the exact locations and characteristics of the respective shipments.

After the start of large-scale Russian aggression, a statement was posted on the website of the “VS Energy” group that “the group of companies and its shareholders”, namely the mentioned “beneficiaries” of “Sevastopolenergo” Willis Dambins, Valts Vigants and Arturs Albergs, Oleg Sizerman and Marina Yaroslavskaya “express sincere respect for the heroism and unity of the Ukrainian people and the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the struggle for a European democratic future”.

The statement also states that the above-mentioned president of the CSKA football club, Yevgeni Giner, “ceased to be a shareholder of the group in 2014, both legally and in fact,” and “as for Alexander Babakov and Mikhail Voevodin, they never owned shares in the VS Energy group”.

However, Ukrainian journalists of the “Argument” and “Nashi Groshi” (“Our Money”) provide in publications a different position regarding the “VS Energy” group of companies.

They indicate that the said former Kharkiv resident Marina Yaroslavskaya is the actual wife of Yevgeni Giner, that they have common property, such as the Luxembourg company “Karvis International SA”, and that they were previously jointly listed as the beneficiaries of the “Dnyprospetsstal” plant.

Also, at the beginning of 2022, these “German and Latvian beneficiaries” of “VS Energy”, together with Yevgeni Giner, owned, as minority shareholders, shares of the Ukrainian “First Investment Bank”. All these “beneficiaries” are called by media as proxies of Alexander Babakov.

In particular, “Argument” points out that the aforementioned Willis Dambins and Valts Vigants are former classmates who, after the collapse of the USSR, “controlled” the Latvian bank “Lainbanka”, through which the Russian Ministry of Defense transferred pensions to retired military men in the Baltic countries.

After 2015, Willis Dambins managed the “Financiere Egine” company, registered in Luxembourg and with an office in Riga, and until 2015, Yevgeni Giner’s son, Vadim, was the director of the same company.

It is noteworthy that in 2016, even the Russian “Novaya Gazeta” reported on the role of Willis Dambins and Valts Wigants as Babakov’s dummies, referring to the “Panama Papers” archive of the “Mossack Fonseca” registrar company.

According to this information, Willis Dambins in 2016 met on behalf of Babakov with representatives of the French National Front party Marine le Pen, including Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, member of the European Parliament. The specified Schaffhauser periodically received funds from structures apparently controlled by Babakov, where the same Dambins acted as a formal “beneficiary”.

In particular, the offshore company “Spencerdale Limited (BVI)” transferred several hundred thousand euros – through the Luxembourg company “East West Communication Group” to the Schaffhauser’s structure “Académie Européenne”. At the same time, Jean-Luc Schaffhauser is known for his illegal pro-Russian statements on the occupied Crimea, and in 2017 he criminally attended the fake “III Yalta International Economic Forum”.

According to media reports, Babakov’s structures have been periodically funding the Marine le Pen party through “Académie Européenne” since 2014, and the aforementioned Willis Dambins was recorded by journalists in France during a meeting with Le Pen’s treasurer of the National Front, Wallerand de Saint-Just.

It is worth recalling that since February 2022, the deputy chairman of the state duma of Russia, the former criminal authority of the “Luzhnikovsky” gang, Alexander Babakov, “distinguished himself” with criminal calls for the murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war, as well as regarding the food blockade of Ukraine.

It should be added that the corresponding powerful Russian financial and criminal structure, completely controlled by the Kremlin and the Russian special services, obviously controls the regional energy companies not only in Chernivtsi or in the newly occupied Kherson.

The aforementioned fake “LLC” “Sevastopolenergo”, which the fake Sevastopol “administration” now “wants to buy out” so much, as indicated above, has its “founder” Yevgeni Yevgenyevich Bocharov, who, according to the “official registers” of the aggressor, was born in January 1987 in Lipetsk and lives in Moscow.

Russian hockey player Yevgeni Bocharov, who played in “Ak Bars” and now he represents “Avtomobilist”, has absolutely identical personal data. Even Russian web resources do not hide the fact that this Bocharov is a person affiliated specifically with Yevgeni Giner and Alexander Babakov.

It is noteworthy that the fake “administration” of Sevastopol consistently acts in the interests of the beneficiaries of “Sevastopolenergo” not only against the population of the occupied city, but also in all kinds of fake occupiers’ “courts and arbitrations”.

In such conditions, it is obvious that the statements about the alleged “buying out of the Sevastopol company” are yet another attempt by the aggressor to hide the influence of the mentioned “powerful businessmen” and Russian special services on the energy sector of Ukraine in front of obvious procedural consequences for the businessmen from the “VS Energy” group of companies.