As the Association reported yesterday, a natural disaster occurred in the Central Crimea after a large-scale flood caused by heavy rainfall in the clogged riverbeds of the Salgir and Biyuk-Karasu rivers and due to artificial overflow by the occupiers of the Simferopol and Belogorsk reservoirs.

Now in Karasubazar (Belogorsk) due to the flooding of the pumping station, the residents of the city were left without water, greenhouses and a number of infrastructure facilities were destroyed in the area, and four bridges were damaged.

It is noteworthy that the fake “head of the Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov seeks to attribute the terrible state of the infrastructure of the occupied peninsula to the elements, saying that such weather in the Crimea allegedly “was not a hundred years”.

At the same time, large-scale sudden downpours in the Salgir valley are much more frequent and have occurred several times in the last forty years, and have gone almost unnoticed due to the lack of negative consequences – because the key aspect is the state of riverbeds and proper regulation of reservoirs.

Speaking of “a hundred years”, Aksyonov apparently “forgot” about the floods in Yalta and Kerch in 2021, which was also caused by the negligence of the occupiers, which showed the rain.

It will be recalled that a dam broke near Kerch due to a breach of the hydraulic system two years before during the Russian invaders’ illegal construction of the “Tavrida” highway, and Yalta was covered by mudflow from construction debris, which was exported by tens of thousands of tons to illegal landfills in the mountains.