Our Association recently informed about the fake “patronage” of the criminal occupiers’ “administration” in Sevastopol over Starobilsk, Luhansk Region, control over which was proclaimed by Russian terrorists in March 2022.

Now the Russian occupiers are declaring that citizens, displaced from Severodonetsk destroyed by the Russian aggressors, will be placed in Starobelsk, with the obvious arrangement of “filtration points” and the subsequent criminal use of these persons for forced labor and their deportation to Russia.

In mid-June, the fake “governor” of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, made an illegal “working visit” to Starobelsk, he signed criminal “cooperation agreements” with local occupiers’ puppets of the, sent a criminal “delegation” there for a couple of days, consisting of several criminal occupation “heads of departments” from Sevastopol.

They were Yevgeny Gorlov, from the “urban economy”, Pavel Ieno from the “transport” and Illarion Gapitsonov from the “capital construction”.

Razvozhaev promised similar illegal “landing” in the future. At the same time, the pointed persona of the fake “director of the department of capital construction” of Sevastopol, Illarion Gapitsonov, is of particular interest.
The situation was investigated by expert Vitaly Solonchak.

Illarion Yurievich Gapitsonov was born in Kerch in 1981 and he received several higher educations. Since 2006, Gapitsonov has been the commercial director of “Kerchstroy” LLC, since 2011 – the founder and director of “Audit” Legal Company” LLC. Since the beginning of the occupation of Crimea, both companies have been “re-registered” under the “legislation” of the aggressor state.

From 2014 to 2019, Gapitsonov appeared in the occupiers’ “registries” as the “founder and general director” of the “Novostroy” company, declared “in a state of bankruptcy” later. Since 2018, Gapitsonov for a short period was pointed in the “registers” of the aggressor as an “individual entrepreneur” in the direction of “construction of communal facilities to provide electricity and telecommunications”.

Among other things, Gaptionov’s company “Kerchstroy” is associated with the aggressor’s Black Sea Fleet, since it was involved in the construction of facilities in the Kamysh Bay of Sevastopol. It is noteworthy that on this “contract” Gaptionov “wrung out” his Feodosia “colleague” Roman Lukichev from the “Audit” company, who subsequently entered into a “commercial conflict” with him regarding long-term construction in Kerch, on which Lukichev wanted to “master” the funds of “federal target program”.

In September 2019, Illarion Gapitsonov was declared by the invaders to be the fake “director of the department of capital construction” of Sevastopol, which was facilitated by the “newly appointed” fake “interim Governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Illarion Gapitsonov “distinguished himself” at the “restoration” of the Kroshitsky Sevastopol Art Museum, where, using the situation of the threat of “destruction” of the restored object, he “changed the contractor” and provided the opportunity to “master” the appropriate funds to the “Asgard” company, where Igor Anatsky was declared the “general director”. Mr. Anatsky is former head of the Sevastopol branch of the notorious construction company “Konsol”, controlled by key Crimean collaborator Vladimir Konstantinov.

Also during Gapitsonov’s “management activities”, an event painful for Russian propaganda took place – the demolition of a historic house built in 1955 on Gorpischenko Street No. 2, which housed a boarding school and which the occupiers intended to “reconstruct” under the fake “cadet corps of the Investigative Committee”. At the same time, the building was brought to an emergency state precisely because of the negligence of the Russian invaders’ “administration” since 2015.

A similar situation occurred with the demolition of the sports and recreation complex named after the 200th anniversary of Sevastopol in January 2020, instead of which the Russian invaders promised to build a new one. Construction in 2021 was frozen due to lack of funds, and the “quality” of the “commissioned” unfinished building became the subject of heated discussion on social networks.

In 2021, Illarion Gapitsonov initiated the creation by the “governor” Razvozhaev of a fake “institution” “Sevastopol Construction Control”, which became a form of an additional “corruption burden” on criminal developers mastering the funds of the “federal target program”.

However, this idea of “putting pressure” on “authoritative builders” who have “business contacts” in the Kremlin, and not with the fake “government” of Sevastopol, did not end very well for Gapitsonov himself, whom Razvozhaev put up as a “scapegoat”. In particular, in October 2021, the occupiers’ punitive structures began “checks” and “searches” in the “household” of Gapitsonov, and “public figures” accountable to certain Russian special services began to “defame” Gapitsonov himself.

It was not difficult to do this, because Gapitsonov managed to mark himself with caricatured statements about a “bridge” to the North Side of Sevastopol and can do nothing with the “traditional misfortune” of the occupied city that has arisen over eight years – its sewerage, in particular in the Baidar Valley. Therefore, it is not surprising that from the beginning of the large-scale Russian aggression, Gapitsonov decided to “hide behind chauvinism” and began to actively pose as a “hero of the Russian world”, providing interviews filled with hatred against Ukraine to the “media” controlled by the occupiers.

Now Gaptionov continues to “increase the fortune” of his own family, which “overgrows” in Sevastopol with new real estate; through it, new “permits” are carried out for the criminal construction of the city with high-rise buildings for Russian colonialists by companies such as “Alfa Group Invest”, with its project on Fiolentovske Highway, and he also “master” “Moscow funds” on the endless “reconstruction” of the “Gornyak” stadium.

However, Gaptionov’s active participation in looting and “re-registration” of objects in the occupied Starobelsk may have “interesting” consequences for him, among other things. As our Association has already written, the struggle between the clans of the Russian special services and the groupings of collaborators controlled by them, has reached an unprecedented level, including in the “war of compromising materials” against “competitors”.

For example, after the visit of the pointed Sevastopol “transport menegare” Pavel Ieno to the occupied Starobelsk, “independent bloggers” close to the clan of the “head of the Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov began to disseminate information about a scam related to the “Kerch firms” “Korvet” and “Smartway”, about the theft in 2019 a floating berth from the property the Kerch seaport, seized illegally by the Russian invaders in 2014, and about the corresponding “criminal case” of Russian punishers.

The fact is that the founder of the “Korvet” was Alexander Ieno, the father of the aforementioned Pavel Ieno, and as Aksenov’s “bloggers” specifically emphasize, that it was Ieno Jr. who carried out the scam with the floating berth.
Consequently, one can observe an intensification of the “undercover struggle” between the mentioned clans of occupiers and collaborators for the opportunity to participate in the robbery of the newly occupied territories of Ukraine and an increase in the flow of their mutual “revelations and accusations”.