Vitaly Solonchak

Recently, aggressor’s emissaries have regularly criminally visited the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russian invaders. In particular, we are talking about the settlements of Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya, Luhansk and Kherson regions.

There is also a certain direct mercantile interest in these criminal “PR tours”: the Russian government recently made a criminal decision to “pay at a double rate”, since “employees of organizations and institutions subordinate to federal authorities” will receive “double wages”, for the duration of their stay on “business trips” to occupied territories of Ukraine’s mainland.

Participation in this “charitable” farce is also taken by the puppet “officials” of the occupying state in the occupied Crimean peninsula. As the Association has already written, at the direction of the Kremlin, the fake “administration” of the occupied Sevastopol “took patronage” over the Starobilsk, located in the Ukraine’s Lugansk Region, which was criminally controlled in March 2022 by a Russian terrorist group.

Such criminal propaganda “patronage” over the newly occupied territories of Ukraine is also accepted by the subjects of Russia itself, in which, meanwhile, many unresolved problems of both infrastructural and social nature remain relevant. Of course, there are many problems in Russia-occupied Sevastopol, caused both by the occupation itself and by the negligence and corruption of the local criminal “government”, but of course this “does not bother” the aggressor.
On June 12, on the so-called “Day of Russia”, the fake “governor of Sevastopol” Mikhail Razvozhaev, sent to the occupied Crimea from Moscow in July 2019, paid a criminal “working visit” to Starobilsk, captured by Russian troops, where he met with Leonid Pasechnik, the criminal “leader” of Russian terrorists in Luhansk.

Among other things, the Sevastopol puppet of Russia told the Luhansk “colleague” about the “large production program”, allegedly developed “for Luhansk” in the Crimea, as well as about the allegedly “great experience” of the occupied Sevastopol “in the field of education”.

Razvozhaev expressed a criminal “willingness to help” the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russian troops “optimally switch to Russian standards of education” and illegally take children out of the Starobilsk, captured by the aggressor, to the occupied Crimea.

Also, the self-proclaimed “governor” of Sevastopol signed a fake “cooperation agreement” with collaborator Valery Pakhnits, whom Russian terrorists declared to be a criminal fake “head of the administration of the Starobelsky district”.
For many years, Pakhnits, who at one time was a deputy of the Luhansk Regional Council from the “Party of Regions”, unsuccessfully tried to become the head of the Luhansk region. On April 21, 2022, he publicly boasted of the “passport” he had criminally obtained from Russian terrorists.

When signing the fake “agreement”, the propaganda of the aggressor stated that the criminal “government of Sevastopol” would allegedly provide “assistance” to Starobilsk, occupied by Russian troops, and would also allegedly contribute to the “implementation of infrastructure projects” there.

The puppet “government” of the Crimean city promised to criminally assist the occupiers’ terrorist “administration” of the in the fake “preparation of regulatory legal acts” and in the “professional retraining of employees”, including in the form of so-called “internships”. The fake “document” mentions “a wide range of spheres”, for almost all of which occupied Sevastopol “limps on both legs”.

The “advanced group” of Sevastopol “specialists” has been in occupied Starobilsk since May 5: it included “vice-governor”, Siberian PR man Sergei Tolmachev, curator of the fake “volunteer headquarters” controlled by Russian special services “We are together” Stanislav Krutyansky, fake “deputies” Pavel Kharlamov and Petr Zhigailov, as well as the fake “employee” of the criminal “department of internal policy” Alexander Danilov.

In fact, the “vanguard group” took a selfie in the occupied Starobilsk as part of the propaganda “Victory day celebration”, and Sergei Tolmachev distinguished himself with a criminal statement about the “need to eliminate” the “Bandera shortcomings”, that is, pro-Ukrainian individuals, politicians, civil activists and local participants of war against aggressive Russia.

On June 16, the “media” controlled by the occupiers reported that the fake “authority” of Sevastopol was organizing so-called “training courses and familiarization with Russian educational standards” in Starobilsk for teachers from the occupied region.

At the same time, these criminal measures were actually criminally initiated by the aggressor, with the traditional corrupted “appropriation of federal funds”, not by Sevastopol puppets, but by the aggressor’s Ministry of ‘education’, they were marked by propaganda statements about supposedly “thousands of teachers”, and fake “Sevastopol officials” were carried out on them as “honored tourists”.

Let us recall that the Simferopol collaborators criminally promised to conduct similar fake “courses” in Crimea for “tens of thousands of teachers” from the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions, but in fact the aggressor managed to unlawfully drive several dozen people to them.

The first criminal “echelon of Sevastopol specialists” in Starobilsk could only report on the “monitoring of damaged objects” that were destroyed by Russian invaders from the beginning of a large-scale invasion.

On June 17, a second “echelon” illegally arrived in the occupied town, the members of which supposedly should be engaged in “full-fledged restoration of the economy, primarily agriculture”. The latter, first of all, consisted in the criminal “solving of work issues” of the seized elevator, which actually belongs to the “Nibulon” concern, and, accordingly, in the illegal export of last year’s grain from the occupied region of the Luhansk region.

On June 11, on the eve of Razvozhaev’s criminal visit to Starobilsk, representatives of the Sevastopol “team” reported on the transfer of the first batch of illegally appropriated grain of 650 tons from the occupied region and announced “assistance” to the terrorist Leonid Pasechnik in the criminal export of sunflower seeds.

On the day of the criminal arrival of the second “echelon of specialists” from Sevastopol to the Starobilsk, on June 17, the fake “governor” of occupied Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev illegally signed a new fake “agreement” with the aforementioned criminal Leonid Pasichnik during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which differed little from the criminal “document”, signed by him earlier with the fake “chairman of the administration of the Starobelsky district” Valery Pakhnits.

The occupiers measure their propaganda “help” in a specific dimension, namely in terms of their own “valuable personnel”. So, the fake “head” of Sevastopol Razvozhaev criminally sent a “delegation” to the occupied Starobilsk for a couple of days, consisting of several fake “heads of departments” of the occupation “administration” – Yevgeny Gorlov, from the “municipal economy”, Pavel Ieno, for “transport”, and Illarion Gapitsonov, on “capital construction”.
So far, the person of the criminal “director of the capital construction department of Sevastopol” Illarion Gapitsonov, who will be discussed in the next article, is of particular interest.

Based on these characters, it is already possible to confidently predict that the criminal “Sevastopol landing force” will not be limited to the looting of agricultural products in the occupied Starobilsk, but it will also be engaged in the criminal transfer of equipment from local enterprises, as well as in the attempts to criminally “re-register” attractive commercial facilities in favor of beneficiaries, associated with the Kremlin curators of Razvozhaev and Tolmachev.