Yesterday, our Association wrote about Russian propaganda’s large-scale falsifications and possible provocations in the image of the so-called “happy Crimean summer of 2022”.
At present, it is obvious that the Kremlin has instructed to paint this “picture” at any cost, and therefore the occupiers’ statements about “millions of tourists” are becoming more and more grotesque.

In particular, the infamous veteran of the Russian special services Georgiy Muradov promised that “tourists” would allegedly arrive in Crimea “soon” by sea “from Berdyansk and Mariupol”.
Such a “broad-minded impulse” surprised even the occupiers-controlled media, who finally recognized the inability of the Russian invaders to provide illegal sea passenger traffic between the Crimea and Sochi, due to the breakdown of the relevant vessels.

Well, until the Muradov-promised “bright future came”, he announced to include as “tourists” all persoan who come to the Crimea from the Russian-occupied territories of southern mainland Ukraine. The occupiers’ logic here is “reinforced concrete” – people have arrived in the “resort region” and therefore will “rest”, whether they want it or not.

We wonder if the Russian occupiers will include in the “tourists” “30 thousand” teachers from the occupied areas of Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions, promised in May to “bring for re-education” in the Crimea, of which the Russian invaders have now managed to gather 70 people at a fake “seminar on state policy in education”.

But the most tragic thing is that the occupiers and a few local collaborators are now demanding criminally that the owners of recreational facilities in the Sea of Azov in the Henichesk and Melitopol districts of Ukraine’s mainland to “cooperate” and “prepare for work”.

To simple questions – whence at least theoretically they should wait for “tourists” locals received from the Russian invaders the enchanting version that “Russian vacationers will come here from Russia through the Crimea”. And while the occupiers are currently vividly depicting fake “shuttle tourists” who will allegedly “ride back and forth” between Crimea and Henichesk, the few “Russian vacationers”, who risked coming illegally to the occupied Crimea this summer are horrified by the price level there.
As they are cynically explained by “enterpreneurs”, such growth has a very simple reason because “there are very few tourists, so you have to pay for those who did not arrive”.