Our Association has repeatedly reported in 2020-2021 about the decline of the Crimean resort potential during the Russian occupation, about the unlawful “redistribution” of recreational property seized by the Russian aggressors, and about large-scale development of high-rise buildings for the Russian “colonizers” in the coastal cities of Crimea.

On the eve of the large-scale Russian aggression in February 2022, we wrote about the beginning of the destruction by the Russian occupiers of the park in Yevpatoriya around the former mud bath “Moinaki”, which fell into disrepair during the years of Russian occupation.

Then we recalled the prospects for illegal development of a green zone near the Yevpatoria Lake Moinaki in favor of a number of Russian beneficiaries, including the head of the Russian Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko.

The destruction of the national wealth of Ukraine continues and key Crimean collaborators have announced the construction of a so-called “rehabilitation center” in Yevpatoriya, for which the occupiers have already demolished the remains of a mud bath.

Next in line is the invaders’ “development”, within the framework of this project lobbied by Matvienko, not only “federal investments”, but also almost all the former children’s sanatoriums in Yevpatoria, criminally seized by the aggressor in 2014, and the corresponding areas by the sea. Instead, the invaders are planning further illegal construction of “elite housing for new Crimeans”.

It is noteworthy that back in the fall of 2021, the fake “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov stated that, allegedly, as part of this project, “on Putin’s personal order”, the mud bath, which had now been demolished, would supposedly be “preserved”.

As the locals write about such “happy news”, “not even eight years have passed since they saw that the health resorts were closed and were falling apart without looking after them.” So, the Crimean residents state in social networks, that Russian occupiers actually stop the existence of the children’s resort of Yevpatoria.