At present, the key Crimean collaborators have recognized the situation of the logistical crisis in the Crimea, caused by large-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine, in particular, in conditions of termination the illegal air communication between Russia and Simferopol, which our Association has been writing about since March 2022.

Currently, this crisis is recognized in the statements of the fake Sevastopol “government” and in the theses of Sergei Aksyonov and Volodymir Konstantinov about the “difficult tourist season”.
The occupiers actually state the failure to bring “a sufficient number of Russian tourists” to Crimea by rail, and therefore they take a number of propaganda measures.

In particular, aggressor-controlled propaganda claims fake “Ukrainian tourists” who allegedly will come to the Crimea from the occupied regions of mainland Ukraine.

In parallel, the aforementioned Aksyonov and his henchmen announced in July the start of illegal bus and rail passenger traffic between the occupied Crimea and Kherson and Melitopol captured by Russian invaders.

Of course, the declared “traffic volumes” can hypothetically provide no more than a few hundred passengers per day, which would provide no more than thirty thousand fake “tourists” in three months.

At the same time, the occupiers claim that “charter buses” have been illegally brought into Crimea’s Sudak and Alushta from eight Russian cities in the Krasnodar Territory, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov regions.

Of course, such step is palliative and it can provide not “millions of tourists”, but perhaps a propaganda picture in a particular Crimean hotel with “happy tourists from Murom”.

The situation is also “not saved” by illegal “regular bus flights” to the occupied Crimea from the central regions of Russia, which are on a trip for up to two days, on which “tourists” will obviously not go to Crimea, in particular because of the corresponding level of “comfort”.

Therefore, it is not excluded that the occupiers may write off the absence of “Russian tourists” in the Crimea as allegedly “terrorist threats” and the corresponding complete ‘overlapping” of the peninsula “for security purposes”.

It is not excluded that the aggressor will organize bloody provocations on the peninsula in the near future, which the Russian special services have repeatedly staged earlier since 2014 with the accusation of the Ukrainian side, with the issuance of fabricated “charges” against allegedly “Ukrainian nationalists” and Ukrainian structures.

It is possible that in order to organize these provocations, the aggressor’s special services will involve organized crime under their control, including ethnic crime. The structures of this crime are fighting among themselves for control over the “flows of goods”, including the criminal transportation of property stolen in the occupied mainland Ukraine, as well as weapons and drugs through the Ukrainian ports of Crimea in a southerly direction; the corresponding “confrontation” has even received a certain public dimension in recent weeks.