It is well known that the tension of Russian chauvinist propaganda, the spread of the ideas of the “Russian world” and the foundations of total militarization in the occupied Crimea significantly exceeds the corresponding figures in Russia itself.

With the start of a large-scale Russian aggression against mainland Ukraine, the aggressor sought to further spread the corresponding criminal ideological influence, but it turned out that practically “all possible organizational and managerial measures have already been taken”, but their results remain disappointing for the aggressor.

The overwhelming majority of the population of Crimea is far from public support for Russian aggression, and even more so from “initiative actions” in this area. The occupiers, of course, can organize “mass events” from “state employees”, criminally create a “cadet class” in every school and enroll “on paper” the majority of Crimean pupils in the “Yunarmiya”.

But a simple question arises – do these actions guarantee the supply of loyal “cannon fodder” to the Russian army and the readiness of the Crimean population to “sustainably endure” the constant deterioration of their own living conditions. After all, as you know, the USSR had a more powerful and more “intellectual” propaganda machine than the current Kremlin, which did not save the Soviet government.

At the same time, Crimean collaborators receive appropriate criminal assignments from the Kremlin to “constantly increase the level of patriotism” and “must work them out,” although this turns out to be tragicomic.

For example, on June 21, at a meeting of the fake “state council committee on education, science, youth policy and patriotic education” in Simferopol, its criminal “chairman” Alexander Bobkov discussed with the head of the so-called “Krympatriottsentr” Dmitry Polkovnikov a “hot issue”, namely, the absence of “uniforms” for “Yunarmiya”.

Due to shortages, the Crimean “Yunarmiya members” are constantly handing over the “uniform” actually acquired by their relatives for the “new generation”, since Russian propaganda requires “Crimeans in uniform” for a “beautiful picture”. Therefore, in particular, Polkovnikov suggested, due to the “lack of funds”, “not to disgrace” with this in the future and to “switch it to the badges”.
The mentioned “Krympatriottsentr” is illegally formed by the occupiers in 2015 as a criminal “state budgetary educational institution of additional education” “Regional center for preparation for military service and military-patriotic education”.

For a long time it served, in particular, for the “effective development”, that is, the plundering by the leadership of the fake “state council” headed by Vladimir Konstantinov, “budgetary funds” allocated by the aggressor for the militarization of the Crimean children and youth.

However, the beginning of large-scale Russian aggression led to the Kremlin’s attempts to “tighten the screws”, and in March 2022, the aforementioned Polkovnikov, a “hero of Russia” since 1995, who “distinguished himself” during the first Chechen war, was assigned to criminally lead the “Krympatriottsentr”. special cruelty, but even after 2014 he had nothing to do with Crimea and its collaborators.

However, since the period of the genocide in the Caucasus, Polkovnikov has long turned from a killer of Chechens, iconized by Russian propaganda, into an ordinary “Russian middle-level clerc”, and therefore, during his criminal “business trip” to Crimea, he very well found a “common financial language” with the aforementioned Konstantinov and with his henchman on the fake “state council” Vladimir Bobkov.

In the meantime, the occupiers are planning to turn the criminal “Krympatriottsentr” not only into a tool for the militarization of Crimean children and provocations, such as the fake “international award “We are together”, but also into a “washing machine” for “budgetary funds”, other collaborators, who only plan to “seize” to “power” and “feeding troughs”, massively spread in the Crimea the “wise idea” of the aforementioned Konstantinov regarding the termination of the teaching of English as “enemy” and “not patriotic”. Since in the public life of the peninsula, the occupiers are best able, in addition to self-enrichment, to destroy something useful, then this illegal “idea” can really be implemented by the Russian invaders in the Crimea in the near future.