On June 17, 2022, top Ukrainian officials announced the release of Ukrainian paramedic Taira (Yulia Paevskaya), who was captured by Russian invaders in March during the battle for Mariupol.

After that, Russian propaganda was forced to “explain to the fans of the Russian world” the very fact of the obvious exchange, since after the capture of Taira, she was portrayed by the Kremlin-controlled “media” exclusively as allegedly “a very dangerous war criminal.”

Therefore, through “war correspondents”, controlled by the Russian special services, immediately began to spread gossip about the alleged “exchange” of a paramedic for “important Russian officers”, for example, “pilots” or “snipers”.

However, on June 18, some “independent bloggers” controlled by the occupiers began to spread “insider” that Yulia Paevskaya was allegedly exchanged for the 20-year-old son of Murad Saidov, a fake “assistant to the Permanent Representative of the Chechen Republic in Crimea.”

This thesis, which has not yet been “refuted” by Russian “official” propaganda, has become very painful for the criminal “patriotic circles” of the aggressor. After all, of course, Ukraine has the right, by releasing the prisoners of war, to take any steps justified by necessity.

And if, in order to release a fake “war criminal”, but in fact a captive citizen of Ukraine, Paevskaya, not an aggressor soldier was extradited, but a person who simply has “fathers” “respected” for the aggressor and did not take part in hostilities, it is very difficult to blame the official Kyiv for anything.

It is noteworthy that this thesis about the alleged exchange of Taira for Saidov’s son began to be spread by a number of “independent bloggers”, controlled by the Russian occupiers, with statements about the alleged “shamefulness” of this situation for Russia.

Some aggressor-controlled “masters of opinion” called this situation even as “Russia’s strongest loss in the information war”, starting from February 2022, since this version of events indicates that even a distant relative of a non-key character of the Ramzan Kadyrov’s clan is more important for the Kremlin than captured Russian soldiers or officers.

At the same time, other “independent Russian bloggers”, obviously closer to the mafia structures of the Kadyrov’s clan, began to vigorously “refute” the alleged “fake about the Saidovs”.

Let us recall that we have already written about the criminal activities of the fake “permanent representative of Chechnya in Crimea” Isa Khachukaev, Saidov’s “boss”, and about his connections with the criminal structure “Krymsotrudnichestvo” created in February 2022, through which the occupiers want to “establish trade relations” with business in Turkey and the Middle East.

It is noteworthy that the media indicate the special criminal “commercial” interests of the aforementioned Murad Saidov specifically in the territories of the Zaporizhzhya region occupied by Russians. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities report the discovery in Melitopol not only of “Kadyrovites”, but also of groups of Syrian mercenaries in Russian military uniforms.

Earlier, our Association has already reported on the attempts of the Crimean collaborators and the mafia of the Kadyrov clan to establish criminal “channels for moving” goods through the occupied Crimea and Melitopol, not only stolen grain or metal, but also drugs and weapons from the countries of the Middle East, in particular, through the captured by the occupiers Ukrainian ports located in the Crimea.

Returning to the Saidov’s son, one should cite the thesis of the ARC expert, Professor Boris Babin, that “those aggressor warriors ‘burn well’ who understand that they are fighting criminally for the growth of the welfare of the servants of petty clowns in the service of the Kremlin fakes.”

At the same time, the aggressor’s soldiers can express such “indignation” primarily in personal conversations, since the “massive public indignation” spread by invaders’ “bloggers and military journalists” on social networks was suppressed over the past 24 hours by the Russian special services, which obviously chose the side of Kadyrov, his endless clientele and its close and distant relatives in this “elites’ confrontation”.

The corresponding “independent Russian bloggers” and “war correspondents” of the aggressor quickly deleted their own “angry” posts, and at the last “meeting of war correspondents” with Putin, this “promised for consideration” issue, of course, was not discussed by the Kremlin collaborators.

Thus, it is obvious that now there is an internal struggle between different occupiers’ structures for control over the newly-occupied territories of Ukraine, primarily in terms of looting and establishing criminal trade flows.

Now in this struggle, the organized ethnic crime of the Kadyrov clan acts as a temporary “winner”, but the “echo” of this “redistribution of the loot” can also be seen in the public dimension, which, obviously, will continue until the inevitable de-occupation of these territories by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.