The strategic impasse of a large-scale Russian invasion of mainland Ukraine is forcing Russian propaganda to look for more and more new ways to fakely “justify” the aggression and war crimes of the Russian troops.

The fake “tribunals” and “trials” organized by the Russian special services are one of these ways.

Our experts have already conducted a thorough analysis of the fake “imitation of the Nuremberg Tribunal”, which the Russian invaders are planning to criminally carry out in the occupied areas of the Donetsk region as part of the massacres of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

We also wrote about the criminal plans of the Russian invaders to “introduce the death penalty” in the occupied Kherson and Melitopol.

But the morbid fantasy of the occupiers about “trials”, constantly returning to the events of the Second World War, goes further. In particular, now the aggressor has announced the beginning of the so-called “trial on the recognition of the genocide of the Soviet people” on June 20 in occupied Simferopol.

The plot of the “case” “suddenly” raised by the occupiers concerns “the criminal activities of fascist punishers and their accomplices against the inhabitants of Crimea and Sevastopol” and is based on a Soviet criminal case closed in 1969, which was “reopened” by the aggressor.

It would seem that what is the significance of this “process”, carried out with the involvement of the “public project” “Without Limitations’ Statute”, controlled by the FSB of Russia, has for the present, but in fact the Russian occupiers have big plans for it.

After all, the materials of the aforementioned Soviet process of the early 60s were aimed not so much at restoring justice and punishing the Nazis, but rather at “exposing Crimean Tatar Nazi accomplices” and, accordingly, at “legalizing” the criminal deportation and discrimination of the Crimean Tatar People by the communist regime.

That is why even the Soviet authorities decided at a certain stage not to carry out that process, so as not to confuse the current “political tasks” and falsifications and the memory of the victims of World War II. Even Soviet prosecutors found such dubious speculations blasphemous.

However, the invaders naturally do not have such “complexes”, and Oleg Romanko, the so-called “professor of the department of Russian history” of the fake “Crimean Federal University”, actively assists them in falsifying historical facts.

For many years, this «authoritative scientist» was engaged in speculations about the “beloved” issue of the “betrayal” of the Crimean Tatars by Soviet propaganda.

Recall that, as our Association reported in March 2022, the Russian aggressors planned the criminal deportation of Crimean Tatars from the peninsula allegedly “after the successful completion of a special operation against Ukraine.”

So far, for obvious reasons, this issue has been “postponed” by the aggressor, but Russian special services continue to prepare propaganda grounds for repressions against the indigenous people of Crimea, including regarding fake “trials” about the events of World War II.