On June 16, the so-called “World Socialist Web Site” published an article by its key author, writing under the pseudonym Clara Weiss, on “the economic and geostrategic significance of the Black Sea region”.

This resource acts on behalf of the so-called “International Committee of the Fourth International”, which unites the marginal “parties of socialist equality” of Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, the USA and so on, publicly professing the “ideology of Trotskyism”.

In the publications, these “socialists” castigate “imperialism”, including in the Black Sea region, and promote, obviously for the corresponding “audience” of Western democratic countries, the criminal narratives of the Russian special services.

At the same time, the corresponding “analytics” is important for analysis, because Kremlin obviously intensifies in it the efforts of its “forces of influence” in the “international leftist movement” that has survived since Soviet times.

The publication of the “socialists” points to the role of the allegedly “imperialist” NATO in the Black Sea states as a so-called “threat to Russia”, and in fact prepares the ground for Russia’s aggression, allegedly “preventive”, not only in Ukraine, but also against Bulgaria, Greece and Romania.

These “socialists” especially emphasize the role of Russian military bases in the occupied Crimea, as allegedly “a factor of opposition to American imperialism”, in particular in Syria.

At the same time, they emphasize Russia’s dependence on the supply of energy and agricultural products via the Black Sea through pipelines and sea transport, preventing which, as it is indicated in the publication, can “break the backbone” of the Russian economy.

It is noteworthy that the article’s authors define Romania as a “competitor” of Russia in the world market of agricultural products, they sharply criticize the “Intermarium” project as an alleged tool of blocking Russian interests in the region.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the “Crimean Platform”, like other projects aimed at the de-occupation of Crimea, minimizing the “gray zones”, establishing peace and sustainable development in the Black Sea region, will continue to be viewed by the Kremlin as hostile to Russian imperialism itself, which is “don’t noticed” by the authors of the “World Socialist Web Site”.

In fact, the aggressor’s policy of blackmailing the world with a global food crisis and attempts to maintain Russian oil supplies through the Black Sea region cannot yet lead to success in the framework of Russia’s “economic and diplomatic measures”.

This means that the further implementation of these Russians’ criminal plans is likely to be in the nature of military measures, including new demonstrations, provocations and sabotage in the Black Sea region, directed not only against Ukraine.