With the approach of summer, some things became obvious to the Crimean collaborators. Firstly, they realized that the talk about the “seizure of Ukraine in three days” turned out to be ordinary propaganda, which is fundamentally different from reality.

Secondly, it became obvious that the de-occupation of the temporarily occupied Crimea is becoming more and more likely soon, and “something needs to be done about it.” As we noted in previous articles, the Crimean traitors, without hesitation, decided to flee the peninsula.

However, another urgent issue has arisen – the 2022 “tourist season”. The Kremlin is accustomed to positioning the Crimea as a kind of “resort Mecca” supposedly “on a global scale”.

All these ideas were very far from reality, but the Russian occupiers themselves may have believed in these fictions. Instead, the large-scale war that Russia unleashed against Ukraine has made its own adjustments.

To date, the situation with the “tourist season” in the occupied Crimea is quite “specific” and the “vision of this problem” by the self-proclaimed “authority” and “Crimean business” is very different.

Separate facts and the situation as a whole were analyzed by the experts of the Association of Reintegration of Crimea.

For almost the entire month of May, the Crimean collaborators were engaged in creating the illusion of “success and attractiveness” of the peninsula, which supposedly “was not affected by the war against Ukraine.”

They even held a “beauty contest” “Crimea Spring 2022”, the results of which shocked the Crimean residents. In particular, the pocket “jury” assigned the fake title “Mrs. Queen of Beauty” to an insta-blogger from Poltava, Olga Valeeva, who recently lived in St. Petersburg.

According to the self-proclaimed “authority” of the Crimea, such “competitions” should supposedly “increase the ratings of the peninsula before the start of the tourist season”. Back in early May, it became clear that the Kremlin’s accomplices were planning to pretend that “war is not a hindrance to the holiday season” and that “tourists can no longer wait for summer”.

The so-called “ministry of emergency situations of Crimea” even issued a request not to bring “refugees” from mainland Ukraine to the peninsula, as this “will prevent the filling of Crimean hotels and sanatoriums with Russian tourists”. There is even a fake “decree” of the occupiers on the “exclusion of Crimea from the number of regions for the placement of Ukrainian refugees”.

The occupiers expressed their “excitement” that the sanctioned Russians, it turns out, “have nowhere to go”, so they hastily began proclaiming the “holiday season” at the Arabat Spit, in the occupied Kherson region, at Russian invaers’ gunpoint.

In fact, the invaders are forcing Kherson entrepreneurs to open recreation centers, coffee houses and shops and create “safe and comfortable conditions for Russian vacationers.” To date, the population of Kherson region have managed to sabotage these demands of the Russian invaders.

Crimea’s “main” collaborator Sergei Aksyonov generally predicted a “tourist boom” on the peninsula in 2022. According to him, this “boom” should occur because, as a result of Western sanctions, “almost all destinations for recreation are closed to Russians.” In turn, collaborator Volodymyr Konstantinov went further. He promised to “restore the railway connection” with mainland Ukraine, which allegedly “will allow Ukrainians to visit Crimea”.

So, in fact, the Crimean collaborators are planning to gain something from a large-scale war with Ukraine. In other words, according to such cynical logic, the Russians would seem to have “banally nowhere to go”, and the Ukrainians, too, allegedly “want to run away” from the war to a “quiet peninsula”.

Almost unanimously, all the fake “officials” of the Crimea declared the thesis “the situation in Ukraine will not interfere with the tourist season of 2022”. On the contrary, according to their plan, “Ukrainians should pour joyfully” into the occupied peninsula. The Crimean traitors even declared that they were ready to “break last year’s tourist flow record” when the peninsula allegedly “was visited by more than nine million people”.

However, the Kremlin’s accomplices did not take into account several fundamental things. We should not talk about the “situation in Ukraine”, but about a full-scale war in which our state reserves the right to strike at those territories from which Ukraine is being shelled. As you know, Ukrainian peaceful cities are constantly being shelled from the territory of the Russia-occupied Crimea.

Therefore, no sanctions and restrictions can force even Russian “tourists” to become random targets in the war. It is not worth talking about Ukrainians at all, since our citizens, of course, will not go to bow to the traitors of the Motherland and to the Russian invaders, who are cynically destroying the Ukrainian people.

In a different way, the situation with the “tourist season” in Crimea, in contrast to the fake “authorities”, is seen by independent experts and “Crimean business”.

In particular, “Crimean hoteliers” do not expect tourists this year. It is assumed that “almost a third” of all hotels in the occupied peninsula will not open this year.

Experts suggest that the “occupancy of Crimean hotels” in 2022 will not exceed 30-40 %. In addition, it will not be possible to “reduce prices for services” due to rapid inflation. Also, potential “tourists” react negatively to “closed airports” and hostilities in mainland Ukraine. By the end of May, it is obvious that the “sale of tours” to the Crimea fell by 55 %.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the Kremlin uses the Crimea as a place to transfer troops to mainland Ukraine. Even the most chauvinistic “Russian tourists” don’t like this very much, who, of course, do not want to see inadequate Russian military men in “their hotels”.

The consequence of this “little problem” is the “complication of logistics”, for example, Russians who nevertheless unlawfully “wish to rest in the Crimea” will be forced to travel from Moscow to occupied Sevastopol for almost three days. For the “more remote regions” of the aggressor, this period can reach a week. It is unlikely that a person will like the prospect of spending a third of his “legitimate vacation” on a train.

Some “Crimean tour operators” note that “there is a tendency to cancel reservations for June-July”, since “tourists” simply have nothing to illegally get to the peninsula quickly.

That is, even that small number of “daredevils” will not be able to get into the occupied Crimea due to the lack of a sufficient number of transport routes. Supporting the war against Ukraine, the Crimean collaborators themselves are sawing the branch they are sitting on.

Although business and ordinary Crimeans, who mainly profited from the “tourist season”, will mostly suffer. Forecasts become more severe if we analyze the disastrous May. In previous years, this month, hotel occupancy was “by 70 %”, and closer to June, this “indicator grew”.

To date, in May, the occupancy of hotels in the Russia-invaded Crimea amounted to 20%, which is critical especially for small hotel complexes. In addition to logistics, the main reason for the refusal of the “summer vacation” in the Crimea is the danger of the peninsula, given the maximum approach to the war zone.

Of course, the Crimean collaborators are trying to support the myth of a “tourist boom” in 2022 through “their” hoteliers. For example, the “administration of the guest house” “Legend” in Alushta notes that in August they “expect a tourist boom”. It seems that they “already booked all 29 rooms”. In parallel with this, representatives of the “guest house” admit that there is not a single Ukrainian among those who booked rooms.

But what about the fake statements by Aksyonov and Konstantinov about “tourists from Ukraine” who simply “can’t wait for the tourist season”? In this sense, the statements of the same people about “almost 10 million tourists” who allegedly “must visit” the temporarily occupied Crimea in 2022 look funny.

It should be assumed that the Crimean collaborators received instructions from the Kremlin in any case not to talk about the failed “season”. This is confirmed by the “official opening of the tourist season” at the end of April in Simferopol, with “stormy celebrations” and speeches by local fake “unfortunate officials”. And here it should be recalled that in May, “Crimean hotel occupancy” was up to 20 %.

Realizing the scale of the logistical problem, the invaders began to “resolve issues” with the alleged “increase in the number of railway cars” in the Crimean direction. They decided to ask Moscow for these carriages, since even the “main competitor” – the Krasnodar Territory bypassed the occupied Crimea in terms of “the number of vacationers”.

It turned out that this problem for Aksyonov is also “not a problem”. He falsely stated that “despite the logistical problems, we will still deliver tourists to the peninsula”.

It is not clear what exactly he will do, but this supposedly “should be reassuring” for the Russians. However, there is another problem that Aksyonov does not want to see point-blank – the poverty of the same Russians. A significant number of Russian citizens have numerous loans and mortgages, and as a result of the sanctions, many have lost their jobs. Therefore, a logical question arises: at whose expense will the Russians “rest” illegally in conditions of complete isolation and uncertainty.

But this situation does not bother the Crimean collaborators, who are accustomed only to making unfounded statements formed from scratch. All the consequences of the crisis will be felt by ordinary Crimean residents, who, most likely, will not be able to earn money to meet their own needs.

The poll of Russians also shows that they are not too willing to go to the occupied Crimea. Mostly Russian citizens plan to visit Anapa, Mineralnye Vody, Vladikavkaz, Kazan, Krasnodar in 2022. That is, the security factor and unwillingness to coexist with the Russian army still prevail.

It is worth noting that the Kremlin is inflating these fears with its own hands, because statements about “possible terrorist attacks on the Kerch bridge” even more scare away “tourists” who are ready to visit the occupied peninsula even during the war. Given the latter problem, “Crimean hoteliers” have already reported that “tourists are massively canceling their reservations for June”.

Attempts to “reduce prices for services for July by 30%” also do not help, because “holidays” are not too willing to risk their own lives. Another confirmation of the collapse of the “tourist season – 2022” was the refusal to “hold the annual forum-exhibition” “Intourmarket Crimea”, which was to be held illegally in Yevpatoria at the end of May this year. “Officially” the reason for the “postponement of the forum” was the “lack of air traffic”, but in fact, we are talking about the failure of the “tourist season”, which is already obvious.

In addition to security, “tourists” are scared away by the aggressor’s tendency to create from Crimea a military base and a hospital for wounded Russian soldiers. Nobody really “want to rest” in such conditions. Also, according to Andrey Klimenko, editor-in-chief of “BlackSeaNews”, there is another significant problem.

The fact is that during the years of occupation, a huge number of Russians illegally moved to the Crimea, one way or another connected with the occupiers’ punitive structures. After the start of a large-scale war, they massively evacuate their families from the peninsula, and they, in turn, spread truthful negative information throughout Russia, which scares away the “vacationers” there.

The “tourist sphere” is extremely sensitive to all sorts of information flows that the Crimean collaborators themselves create. Experts note that only “a few hotels on the peninsula operating in the all-inclusive segment” will be able to compete this year.

Other ones, “hotels that operate in the segment from 0 to 3 stars”, and they are the majority on the peninsula, will have very big problems. They may simply not withstand the competition and become bankrupt. Naturally, this will lead to a decrease in the well-being of the Crimean residents and to further activation and deepening of anti-Russian sentiment.

Under such conditions, the Kremlin will probably have no choice but to “increase subsidies” for the occupied Crimea, but this is, firstly, difficult under the sanctions, and secondly, it causes discontent in the Russian regions proper.

This is such a “vicious circle”, which is a direct consequence of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine. If we take into account the systemic tightening of world sanctions, then the situation may get out of the control of the Kremlin. Meanwhile, the world is actively tuning in to “life without Russian tourists”.

According to experts, many “tourist” countries will lose a significant share of income from Russian vacationers, these are Turkey, Thailand and others. However, the authorities of these states, on the whole, were sympathetic to the sanctions restrictions for Russia, since it is not worth to forgive the unleashing of a war among Europe.

Also, some countries, such as Turkey and Cyprus, have already begun to “diversify tourist flows”, which has attracted the attention of travelers from different parts of the world. The UN World Tourist Organization has already pledged support for these states to help them cope with the crisis.

It should be noted that the exit from both the occupied Crimea and the “Russian market” of such a powerful operator as “Booking” also had a negative impact on the “tourist prospects” of the Crimea, for the entire period before its de-occupation.

This problem was recognized even by the self-proclaimed criminal “minister of resorts and tourism” Vadim Volchenko. Ukrainian politicians and military experts are also inclined to believe that soon “the Kerch bridge will be used for its intended purpose”, but in the opposite direction. That is, the occupants will run away from the peninsula, which will return under the full control of Ukraine.

Despite this, in his statements, Aksyonov continues to criminally declare that “it is safe on the peninsula, and you can get here from the Stavropol airport by train”. It is known that the self-proclaimed “head of Crimea” is forcing hotel operators to “reduce prices as much as possible” in order to “attract tourists”.

Since the beginning of the occupation, Russia has been trying every year to “prove to the whole world” that the temporarily occupied Crimea is allegedly a “paradise for tourists”. To do this, the Kremlin holds some fake “forums”, “invites delegations” and shows fake “statistics” about “vacationers”.

During all this time, local collaborators also create the “right picture” for the aggressor, using the entire criminal “administrative resource”. In fact, the occupied Crimea until 2014 had a very large tourism potential and investment attractiveness, but for eight years now Russia has been methodically destroying the tourism industry and turning the peninsula into a military base.

Investors will not come to the territory recognized as occupied by the whole world, and even more so, one should not expect “tourist flows” from third countries.

After the start of a large-scale war, the process of destruction of the tourist Crimea has rapidly intensified, because even unpretentious “Russian tourists” refuse to illegally go on vacation to the peninsula.

Experts say that often “tourists have a very short memory”, that is, they quickly forget about problems and willingly visit resorts. So it was with the terrorist attacks in Paris or the volcanic eruption on La Palma.

But in the case of the occupied Crimea, this “axiom” cannot work, since a full-scale war and the corresponding consequences for the peninsula cannot be correlated with the interests of people who are used to worrying not only about their tan, but also about their own lives and safety.

So the fake “expectations” of the Crimean collaborators are fundamentally different from the realities that testify to the failure of the “tourist season” of 2022 on the occupied peninsula.