Large-scale Russian aggression negatively affects the state of affairs in the occupied Sevastopol, which even the Russian invaders are forced to admit.

In particular, it is reported that the operation of the ferry car crossing from the Sevastopol’s North Side to the city center has been stopped in the city, since the ferry used by the Russian occupiers for this purpose, has become out of order, and its repair is possible only in the dock, which is completely crammed with the repair of the aggressor’s warships.

Under these conditions, the Russian invaders are intensifying their “fight against sea saboteurs” in Sevastopol.

We have already written about blocking the access of the population by the local fake “administration” for this purpose of several beaches overlooking the main Sevastopol’s bay. Also, while all the “tourists” who now want to ‘ride a pleasure boats”, the Russian invaders check during landing for “forbidden things” and “forbid photography and video shooting”.

The occupiers’ propaganda on this occasion also states that two Russian “tourists” who allegedly took “selfies” near one of the Russian military units the other day were “successfully detained by the Russian special services” with corresponding consequences.

Also, the invaders’ propaganda reports that “on the occasion of the Russia day:” the divers of the Russian occupation troops “installed the flag of Russia” at the bottom of the Black Sea near Sevastopol.

Such a symbolic immersion of the occupiers “to the bottom” exhaustively characterizes their systemic failures both in the framework of the criminal aggression against mainland Ukraine and in the occupied Crimea.

This situation is similar to the acts of the aggressor in occupied Kherson, where the Russian invaders criminally “forbade” the local population from using most of the water area of the Dnieper, its straits and estuaries for any purpose.