Collaborator Volodimir Saldo announced now the so-called “creation” of a “new register of owners”, allegedly “under the protection of the Russian state”, as a part of the maximum imitation of the alleged “managerial efficiency” of the fake criminal “administration” in Kherson, declared by the Russian occupiers.

The Russian invaders promise to “include the owners” into such a fake “register”, not all of them, but only some of those who will provide to the aggressor’s representatives with “original real estate documents”; the aggressor criminally plans to “spend” the rest of the seized property for his “own needs”.

The facto, that Saldo seeks to get his “piece of the pie” from the theft of both public and private property in occupied Kherson, fulfilling the relevant criminal tasks of Russian special services and Kremlin oligarchs, brought to the fake “administration” by Sergei Kiriyenko, will not surprise anyone.

But the statements of the occupiers’ puppets mean, first of all, that the aggressor does not have access to the Ukrainian property registers and cadastres, and that in fact it does not have information about the real owners in the Kherson region.

In this dimension, one should trace the “Crimean way”, in which the aggressor criminally seeks to dispose of Ukrainian real estate. And it’s not even the occupiers’ illegal intentions to “nationalize” the private property of Ukrainian owners on the peninsula, which has been claimed by key collaborators since March 2022, but so far has led to nothing but an air concussion.

The fact is that the Russian occupiers still, after eight years of occupation, do not have complete information about the real Crimean property owners, and also could not complete their criminal “re-registration under Russian law”.

Therefore, for example, the same fake “Crimean deputies of the State Duma”, who talk so much about the alleged “Ukrainian dark part” and the so-called “Russian bright future”, have now hastily become “authors” of “Kremlin-agreed” illegal “changes” to “federal laws”, which will “allow” the occupiers to once again “extend” the so-called “transition period” in Crimean real estate for another two years, until 2025.

Of course, this is due to the occupiers’ stalemate.

And in 2014 in the Crimea, the occupiers, apparently, were able to seize an order of magnitude more information about real estateon peninsula, than in Kherson in 2022, and some Ukrainian officials in this area then criminally agreed to cooperate with the aggressor, which did not happen now in the occupied areas of Ukraine’s mainland.