If we would “believe” false Russian propaganda, then the whole life of the population of the occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporozhye regions allegedly “consists of continuous holidays” – “Victory day”, “Russian language’s day” and now the fake “Russia’s day”.

Moreover, if the speculations of the agents of “Russian world” in World War II or in Russian language were observed in Ukraine until 2014 and until 2022, the so-called “Russia’s day” has now become the apotheosis of the aggressor’s cynical lies. After all, according to the occupiers’ propaganda, this holiday allegedly “returned” to Kherson, Melitopol and Berdyansk, allegedly “against provocations, shelling and terrorist attacks”.

It is worth recalling that June 12 became a holiday in Russia in 1992 due to the decision of its republican authorities, because in 1990 the “Russian soviet federal socialist republic” approved the declaration of its state sovereignty.

These events had no relation to Ukraine in general, nor to any village or city of Ukraine in particular, nor before 1991, nor later, and the “June 12 holiday” was never “celebrated” by anyone in Ukraine at all; and even “fans of the Russian world” had other “memorial dates” in the country.

Moreover, the very date of June 12 was not perceived for a long time by chauvinist circles in Russia itself – as “the time of the beginning of the collapse of the USSR” and as “the moment of the tragic transition of a great power to the democratic rails of the rotting West”.

But now the Russian invaders’ propaganda is “not so trivial”. The events of June 12, currently reported on social networks, such as the explosion at the electric sub-station in Berdyansk and the attempts of the Russian special services to carry out armed provocations in Energodar became “more relevant” for the Russian occupiers.

The Russian occupiers also had a “picture problem” about alleged “celebrating citizens” in Kherson and Nova Kakhovka, as they did not bring the “mass” of collaborators and “employees” from the Crimea “for the holiday”, money for which probably were simply stolen.

The result turned out to be expected, as two dozen people gathered in both cities for the fake “Russia day’s holiday” only. At the same time, Ukrainian guerrillas pasted leaflets with QR-codes on Kherson last night – both for the civilian population and for the Russian occupiers – regarding the conditions of their captivity.