Occupied Melitopol reports a further escalation of terror and repression by Russian invaders against civilians.

In particular, social networks point to the torture and abduction by Russian occupiers of local men who once served in the Ukrainian army and law enforcement agencies, even if they were released more than ten years ago.

The occupiers are also hunting down locals who want to find places where they can connect to Ukrainian mobile communications and threaten them with “huge problems”.

The occupiers’ fake criminal “administration” the illegally established control over the city’s private pharmacies, which currently sell only low-quality “Russian medicine” imported from the Crimea at almost twice the price.

The Russain occupiers do not hesitate to admit that they are forcing agricultural producers in the Melitopol district to “sell” their crops at prices at times lower than the cost.

As an example, collaborator Andriy Siguta admitted in statements to Russian propagandists that the cherry crop, which was supplied annually from the city to the markets of all Ukraine and the European Union before the Russian occupation, is now forcibly exported to the Crimea by Russian invaders.

At the same time, the forced “purchase price” from the producer is a maximum of 10-15 hryvnias, and in the occupied Crimea, “intermediaries”, controlled by Russian invaders, sell berries for at least 50 hryvnias.

At the same time, the inhabitants of the peninsula are too small a “consumer market” for these products, which is also massively damaged due to the awkwardness and inefficiency of the occupirs’ “logistics”. The actual purpose of such transfer is not only the enrichment of the Russian occupiers, but also the destruction of farms in the occupied areas of Zaporizhzhya region.

Instead of exporting fruit and grain, the occupiers plan criminally to bring to Melitopol, for a fake “day of Russia”, a “mass” of Crimean “employees” and collaborators, which should portray a “happy population” to propagate the occupiers.