The Russian occupiers not only constantly increase the criminal export of agricultural products from the occupied regions of mainland Ukraine, but also make constant attempts to criminally “legalize” such looting.

In particular, the criminal occupiers’ goal is the “legalization” of the illegal transfer of robbed grain both from the ports of the occupied Crimea and from the ports of Mariupol, Berdyansk and Kherson region, captured by the Russian aggressor.

Under such conditions, probably in order to “raise the stakes” at the corresponding “negotiations” on the export of agricultural products from Ukraine, the aggressor constantly makes all kinds of criminal statements from his own accomplices in the occupied Kherson and Melitopol.

These collaborators constantly point to the “intensification” of the criminal transfer of grain to the Crimea and on its large-scale illegal transportation to the peninsula both by road and rail.

At the same time, the criminal aggressor’s propaganda statements about the formation of the so-called “Tauride province” became symptomatic, where the occupiers allegedly plan to “include” both the occupied Crimea and the occupied areas of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions by preparing for an attempt on their criminal annexation by Russia.

It is characteristic that the previous criminal invaders’ “announcements” on the fake “attachment” of the mentioned regions to the aggressor were linked by the Kremlin with the complete occupation of their territories by Russian invaders.

At the same time, such military plans of the aggressor are utopian, which is well understood in the Kremlin, and therefore Russian propaganda is gradually “returning” to the criminal idea of a “province” regarding Crimea the territories of the continental south of Ukraine, already captured by the invaders.

Also, this “change of vector” “suddenly coincided” with the dissemination by the aggressor of informational narratives about the alleged “revival of the Russian Empire”, which Russian leaders have been constantly declaring criminally in recent days.

At the same time, the aggressor, within the framework of the criminal idea of “creating a province”, plans to significantly “clean up” the team of collaborators in the “capital” Simferopol for total control over illegal commodity flows looted from the south of mainland Ukraine.